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Let's Talk Winter!!

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8 minutes ago, Hoosier said:


LMAO x2!!!! Sad state of affairs this winter that we have to resort to this for entertainment. Sigh...

Also, sad that if we kept this going, I still don't think we'd hit 14 pages!  

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16 hours ago, pondo1000 said:

Danke. Will be interesting to see where we end up this year. Looking real good to finish well below that #. 

Yep, we're already 10" behind last year and going to be 13-14" behind the to date average by time the next chance for some arrives. Unless we get a March 2008 repeat, I don't see it happening.

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DAY is on a record low pace, tied with last year right now.  Ironically IMBY I'm a little over 14" total (with one 6" & 2" snow that DAY didn't get) being only about 20 miles away from the airport, usually its the other way around! 

This is from Ch7 WHIO site, SNOWFALL TO DATE: 

How this winter’s snowfall compares to recent years through Feb. 13 

2016-17 — 7.2 inches 

2015-16 — 7.2 inches 

2014-15 — 13.7 inches 

2013-14 — 42.7 inches 

2012-13 — 19.1 inches 

2011-12 — 8.1 inches 

2010-11 — 23.0 inches 

2009-10 — 31.1 inches 

2008-09 — 18.0 inches 

2007-08 — 15.0 inches 

2006-07 — 15.3 inches 

2005-06 — 22.1 inches 

2004-05 — 27.2 inches 

2003-04 — 11.9 inches 

2002-03 — 25.4 inches 

2001-02 — 5.6 inches 

2000-01 — 11.5 inches 

1999-00 — 21.2 inches

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This stretch of warm weather is quite interesting. ILN put this out a little bit ago.. The records from 1976 appear to include February 29, 1976 ... a leap year, that may have helped the 60+ days.



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