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  1. There are now at least 15 individual tornadoes confirmed so far in Ohio, with surveys still ongoing. This includes 3 EF3s, 4 EF2s, 4 EF1s and 4 EF0s. I'm not sure of the exact rank, but it'd definitely be a top 5 single-day outbreak in Ohio history even if no more are added. EF3 across much of Montgomery County, including Trotwood EF3 across Beavercreek Township EF2 in NE Montgomery County south of Vandalia EF0 in Miami/Montgomey Counties near Phillipsburg EF0 southeast of Circleville OH (Pickaway County) EF1 south of Tarlton OH (Pickaway County) EF2 near Laurelville OH (Hocking County) EF3 in Celina, OH (Mercer County) EF1 in New Madison, OH (Darke County) EF2 in West Milton, OH (Miami County) EF0 in Taylor Creek Township, OH (Hardin County) EF1 northeast of Jamestown, OH (Greene/Fayette Counties) EF2 northeast of Jamestown, OH (Greene/Fayette Counties) EF1 west of Wapakoneta, OH (Auglaize County) EF0 near Waynesfield, OH (Auglaize County)
  2. Damage being reported in Circleville, Laurelville and areas in between.
  3. I have relatives in Circleville... heading in that direction.
  4. November, January and February all had normal to above normal snow, even though it immediately melted each time it snowed. The fact that it’s been super wet and “cold enough” at times has allowed for it.
  5. So I70 is on the line between a lot of snow and mix/rain? Haven’t ever seen that before.
  6. Meanwhile, the GFS has maybe an inch in the next 10 days. The main difference is a storm showing up for the 12-14th. The GFS takes the main low into northern Michigan while the FV3 has it in north central North Carolina. Only a small difference. I guess the bright side is that both at least have some kind of storm.
  7. Temp stuck at 0 for hours at the airport. Not good if the forecast low is to be reached.
  8. Today's official high will be 14. I was too cold. It's a shame the afternoon temperature won't go into the records. Now let's see how cold it gets tonight.
  9. So you're saying everyone can look forward to a whole new set of ways things can go wrong. Exciting times ahead
  10. The afternoon zones were actually warmed up a bit, so I'm really pretty close on the lows. The high on Wednesday is based off the midnight high, which again, is the only thing that's going into the records. Sure the afternoon may be a little colder than that, but without any snow cover, it's hard to imagine that things will end up colder than any of these numbers, even with the very low 850s.
  11. So here's what I think the actual temperatures will be the next few days for Columbus... tonight with the wind and zero snow cover, temps won't fall much below 0 at all. In fact, I could see them staying above 0. So I'm saying -1 to +4, tomorrow's high around +6 to +10, tomorrow night maybe 0 to -4 at worst. Wind chills will be bad, but on par with similar events in previous outbreaks of recent years. So yes, I'm generally going a little warmer than forecast. Oh, and probably no significant squalls with the arctic front. Maybe continued flurries off and on.
  12. Winter weather advisory for maybe an inch or less tomorrow night. lol. Going big this season.
  13. This. The wind chills will be nasty for a time, but those don't go into the record books. No one remembers how low wind chills were in 1994. They remember the actual temperature was between -20 and -35 across the state. This reminds me a lot of early February 1996. That was a historic arctic outbreak for the upper Lakes, but barely penetrated south of 80. Highs in the high single digits, lows around 0 to a few degrees below zero in Columbus with some lower wind chills. Cold but nothing to write home about. The front also came through bone dry with just some flurries, and there was no snow on the ground at all. So yeah, looking like a good match. At least that winter had plenty of snow action.