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  1. .9" here in about 15 minutes. The lightning did not disappoint, but most of the rain ran off. I would guess close to .5" fell in the most intense 5 minutes, which were impressive.
  2. 0.37" of meh...rained every day last week and the grass is still brown
  3. nice job Matt. Hard to imagine a mild August without some tropical activity. Seems like the summer dry season arrived early this year. I remain pretty steadfast in my expectation that June ends much more mild than May by comparison. This seems to align OK with your thinking too.
  4. May and June sometimes have lousy month to month consistency. IIRC, it was 2004 when Richmond had a record or near record number of 90+ days in May (in the teens) and then followed it up with only 3 90+ days in June. Not exactly what you would expect, and does not really portend if summer will be hot or not necessarily.
  5. Disappointed LoCo schools had to close. The streets were wet and never white here. Seems they remain snakebit after the early January debacle and oblivious to the fact that snow today is not the same as January. Today's snow will pull a Houdini pretty soon.
  6. April. Achoo. And the start of afternoon / evening delay season when traveling for the severe wx you covet so much. Never fails when I am on a plane. Honorable mention to July and August for HHH.
  7. Something not quite right discussing snow and cold potential at 6:30 PM and the sun is still out.
  8. A more urgent question is can we pull off a 3rd consecutive "nice" summer in a row. I will define this as <30 days with high temps >90F and lots and lots of days with DP <65F. And ample supply of thunderstorms on the inevitable HHH days, even in Leesburg, which has not happened in my first 5 summers here (has it happened ever?)
  9. I suppose a sunny day winding down in OGG is nearly as good as a snow day winding down in IAD. But always hate to miss out on a good storm. Hope you all had a great time.
  10. This is what I hear all the time, and is really only half true. At my central Powhatan home, barely 15 miles west of Midlothian, we've received the following "roughly 12" events" in the past decade. March 2009 December 2009 January 30 2010 (15") February 16, 2015 ( the "official" co-op Powhatan spotter reported 11.5", it was certified by AKQ and became the high achiever regionally for the event). This also assumes there wasn't a single 12" or close measurement in 2013-14, I honestly can't remember but thinking there probably wasn't one. But several noteworthy storms for sure. So that's 4 events in the past 10 years off the top of my head. And I can probably guess what you are thinking, it certainly didn't snow that much at RIC and probably not that much in Short Pump, Midlothian et al. It's kind of like last Saturday, when I measured close to 12" in Leesburg and DCA measured I think 3" or something close too it. Same thing. But it's not the same as saying RIC is getting constantly getting screwed, and DC gets all the snow. Same thing happens climactically in both places, it's just different people complaining and the regional bickering is both foolish and not rooted in actual data or observations.
  11. YES. Thank You. Recent seasons RIC Metro suburbs at or above climo: 08-09 09-10 13-14 14-15 IIRC, 10-11 wasn't too bad although if memory serves it started fast and finished weak. December 2010 was much snowier than NOVA in CVA, it was my first season in NOVA after 32 in RIC and I personally jinxed it. You can all blame me. The whining about the RIC snow drought, ridiculously perpetuated recently by the Washington post and CWG of all places, is really moot for most of the past decade at least. The bad years were the 1990's - save for 93-94 and 95-96 it basically never snowed - some years almost no snow at all for multiple consecutive seasons. Those zero years wipe out your statistical average, and for the most part, DC/NOVA rarely if ever receive these. The 1900+ average at RIC is 14" give or take. That includes the glory years of the 1960's and the awful years of the 1990's. The current 1981-10 30 year average is artificially bad because of the 90's - RIC should have an easier time beating climo for at least the next 15 years until this is out of the data set.
  12. Not to defend JI, but by this time tomorrow RIC could easily be well beyond annual climo and season to date. I don't think DCA can say that yet. Bottom line is the season has turned positive for everyone in the past 3 weeks, we should all be happy and the regional bickering is pretty silly. Remember late February 2007? When DC was getting hit with storm after storm and sometimes the same day RIC was partly cloudy and mid 50's? Boy I sure do, and this isn't that by a long shot. I got my 12" last Saturday, and happy to watch you guys cash in tonight as best you can.
  13. If this thing hits you are probably 100% of climo, which puts you at or slightly above parity compared to most of the region. Good luck.
  14. 21.7 / 18 and 30.22 barometer Back into the moderate / heavy snow now, hopefully halftime is over. More than 6" and will need to shovel again before sunset.
  15. Yellow band is an absolute mauling here. Quarter sized flakes and dumping.
  16. Unlike Monday, I don't think VDOT will have much free time for a photo op with the governor. Too bad.
  17. SN++ visibility <1/4 mi T 16.1 / 13 It's windy too. Heaviest of season right now and dry powder.
  18. Any particular reason JYO is less than IAD in this setup?
  19. I would rather be in an advisory that merits a late upgrade vs. the inverse situation.
  20. One more cold week and it's time for a flip. March is a spring month. We'll be tracking t-storms and severe wx before you know it.
  21. I can only imagine LWX is issuing watch / warnings with verification scores of late in mind. And lately, these have not been verifying, at least out here and seasonal trend is firmly established no matter what the model says. Don't blame them for holding off for now, plenty of time to catch up later, assuming it's even necessary.