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  1. I've looked at the 0z models. And I've looked at the 6z GFS. And everything i see takes Maria clearly and directly OTS - more directly than the same models 24hrs ago. Not sure what others are seeing that suggests otherwise, minor adjustments to track aside. Eta- happy to be proven wrong. Monster up the Chesapeake would be awesome. Just don't see it... anywhere.
  2. As do the Euro, Cmc and 6z GFS. Not even close. /thread.
  3. What's the pressure like out West? Low. Low low low. Low low low low low. Low low low low low. Low.
  4. Nearing NC landfall at 216 at 928mb. Seems like it could be acceptable for our area... Edit - turns sharp right and scrapes the OBX and... Edit 2 - scoots OTS.
  5. Euro quite GFS-like. Jose boots Maria ots then meanders ashore here as an extremely weak system.
  6. Lol Euro. Maria fujiwharas posttropical Jose back towards the midatlantic from the NE.
  7. Through the end of its run, 6z GFS has no fewer than 4 TCs that affect the EC or Gulf Coast. Not taking it verbatim, but it's an active pattern with some potential for sure!
  8. Yep. If that's right, Jose, having formed on September 5th, will be making a real run at the 27-day record for longest lasting Atlantic TC. 31 days the global record, I believe.
  9. OTS on GFS and CMC
  10. Equally applicable in winter tbh
  11. This is worth reading. http://www.chron.com/local/gray-matters/article/I-downloaded-an-app-And-suddenly-I-was-talking-12172506.php
  12. Nice spot. I think this would be acceptable. ETA - Track-wise. Needs to weaken more slowly. lol.