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  1. Awoke to the clatter of roughly 10 ice pellets
  2. I presume not having mandatory evacuations is what some say will be a bad decision. For what areas... all of New Orleans or ? It's a fine line to walk. Making seniors etc kids everyone but looters leave, businesses shutter, is not an easy call. I understand an over abundance of caution is the standing order of the day, and it's an easy call from the outside. I think closer to game time, a more focused area of evacs will be more effective, and MN T said - focused near levee's. The last I saw the 20' levees were not forecast to be topped, but of course is damn close. If breaches of levees are being forecast, that is different. I will be a salmon and say its too soon for blanket evacs; maybe more important than the mandatory evacs right now, is the mobilization of FEMA / emergency services. I assume they are aggressively mobilizing...
  3. Re: Derecho I remember folks here were posting links to traffic cameras out to the west, and watching them and seeing unreal lightning shows. A tree took out the powerlines next to my house, but i missed seeing it as I got a face full of dirt and dust right as it all happened, looking out a screened window. I do like the social aspect of power outages as all the coach potatoes are forced outside. Many of us, flash light and drinks in hand.
  4. I wonder why the media cannot drill down and tell us right away town names when telling where a tornado hit. I have family and friends in Dayton (all ok), and hearing that a tornado hit Howard County is awful vague for the information era we live in currently. We heard Howard county, I think I even heard Ellicott City, and then I heard Glenelg, and finally am now hearing it whacked Dayton pretty good.
  5. If anyone else besides me is interested in the Deer Park fire follow Stephanie below for the best coverage. Only coverage. Oh its burning again, a dike broke, the mayor said it takes 2-3 days to test the water which is black sludge, and a cloud of highly carcinogenic benzene gas got released. They lifted the shelter in place which I wonder if that was a good idea. Here's your water. https://twitter.com/StefaniaOnABC13/status/1108424407993733120 Here's your air. Now go to work.
  6. I got lucky, someone clued me in about Ja Jam. I didn't take Auburn, figuring they should stick to football. Oops.
  7. As a result of the Houston petrochemical fire, about 10 millions pounds of pollutants were released. I am curious if that toxic cloud is being tracked in any way, and will it get washed out via rain at some point. I have no idea about elevation WRT rain fall, direction, density etc, but do know we don't want to inhale particulate matter consisting of burned xylene, naptha and pyrolysis. And probably don't want it raining down on us in case we forget the umbrella. If we can predict storms 7 days away, I think the fine weather folk can damn well predict where this thing goes. Here is the best info I could find - nothing more recent than yesterday https://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/houston-texas/houston/article/How-the-weather-impacts-the-chemical-fire-in-Deer-13699604.php
  8. Please share any scanner feeds etc - thanks
  9. I feel like contractors are just shooting their loads instead of sitting on products for a year, which will probably be thrown away/dumped if its unused if a contract is up. Or, just burning product to get an even fatter contract next year. Calcium chloride nom nom no thanks.
  10. This storm may have the most pretreated roads sidestreets etc, and sidewalks that I have ever seen. And what happened to simple road salt? Mass Ave sidewalks were painted blue. Grossly over treated with lord knows how many chemicals, and this is becoming the norm. That and leaf blowers instead of snow blowers.
  11. National Radar looks like a scorpion. Ok a green one.
  12. I just heard a deep thud in the poplar forest behind my house. The first wind gust was intense.
  13. LOL yep they make for great props in weather cam vids. It's safe in a fenced yard backed to woods. I am sure many others here are capturing nature at home 24/7, or would like to.
  14. The strongest ground level winds IMBY happened at 5pm. I usually set up a few plastic toys and chairs in the yard to monitor winds in big events. A few got knocked over last night, but didn't travel but a few feet. All were blown N. The rest were just whacked proper, including some that I weren't expecting. A 4ft toy house rolled/flew about 20 feet and fell apart, and an 8 foot 3/4" piece of pressure treated (heavy) plywood i use to cover firewood traveled about 10 feet. The highest reading from my anemometer behind my house / 15 ft off the ground was 35.6 at 132am.
  15. Why do some authorities preemptively cut electricity, and even cell service before major storms? I presume to prevent damage to infrastructure and save $ in fuse expenses, but it just seems rude to do to your people who are about to get slammed hours beforehand. If it's that dire the infrastructure is going to get shredded anyways. I think that it's also so the Darwinians won't electrocute themselves, but then that is offset by some not being able to call 911, or get emergency info. Maybe power can be restored sooner, but we have all been in major storms where we thought we would lose power, yet amazing, we didn't. Would you want your power cut a few hours before the next big storm hits your backyard? Hell no. Seeing how long power holds on is part of the fun living in our vast array of largely above ground electrical service. Electricity is our link to the outside world. We are seeing videos from St Martens starting to take it on the chin, and maybe those videos broadcast will save lives later as others see damn, they got flooded and it didn't even start raining. Let's bug out. End Rant.