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  1. West End I finished at 2.99". Trying to remember a harder Moco rain in my 40 and may test to agree - hardest ever.
  2. Got 2.6" in the west end. That's the heaviest rain I can recall in quite some time. I just saw a peek of sun in 20016
  3. We are broke - we can't afford to prepare proper; we are broken. Too expensive to get the contractors in place beforehand.
  4. Good point I sure hope cell towers have backup power.... who knows if some are damaged.
  5. We take the cheap ugly and inefficient way out. When folks visit me from the EU they are always amazed at our lame duck solution, noting how ugly it is. It's not just NO and low lying areas, of course.
  6. Cheers! Are you sure those were storm chaser videos? Or, just random amateur videos making their way across the interwebs.
  7. I was expecting to see many leveled buildings. Instead I saw 3 roofs blown off, leaning utility poles, and not much else. Maybe it's just solid American construction ha.
  8. Jokko may be seeing ~200 km/hr soon?
  9. I have heard some say its too late to get out. Call me crazy but if I were on that south side, roads looking clear, I would get the **** out. Seems dangerous to tell people to shelter versus tornado winds that are 7 hours away.
  10. A house in the West End got zapped. Presumed struck a very tall tree right next to the house, and then it went along the roof to the chimney nearby. It blew ~50 rows of brick out of the chimney all over the yard.
  11. Fishing for a link to monitor wind gusts - thanks
  12. Had a good house shaker in west end rockville and picked up .6
  13. Fam has done that for decades. But 3-4" deep is far too much IMO.
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