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  1. GFS is also. NAM at range is upper 90s.
  2. Yeah, one of the troubles tomorrow is going to be the SE fetch off the Potomac. No friendly Crystal City bump.
  3. 12z NAM was definitely warmer than yesterday's runs (87/88), so it is at least giving it a chance. The 12z HRRR looks like about 88 and the 12z GFS is 88 for IAD (the land surface scheme for the metro areas is exaggerating things). Euro as of the 00z run was still 91. You are right though, an 89 would be the way we roll around here.
  4. It is also interesting to watch the results come in. 75% response as of 10am (closes today). In-person 53% vs distance learning 47%. One thing about the 2 day hybrid is that the other days are asynchronous learning. Which effectively means homework to my ears. After watching my Kindergartener struggle to pay any attention to online learning in the Spring, we opted for the 2 days in person.
  5. Didn't get it at the 3:52pm ob. Might have to wait until the climo report if we are going to keep waffling around 89.
  6. Six 90 5-minute obs in a row. We riot...yada, yada. The dew point is even lower than yesterday.
  7. Our first faux 90 on the 5-min obs.
  8. NAM really kicks in the easterly ocean flow on Thursday.
  9. 2011 sucked. I'm surprised we don't have a 2010 streak in there. Bad luck I guess.
  10. Tomorrow keeps creeping warmer. 18z HRRR and 12z euro both do it. 18z NAM nest is ~88.
  11. There are less than 10 people on the entire planet that care about this. Most are here, and the others are probably on Twitter. We are a special bunch.
  12. I have no idea. The rounding of the C temp is what really kills it.
  13. The cu field is not impressive today, which should help.
  14. Yes, that ob is almost certainly an 89, so we will have to wait.
  15. Is this when I get to complain about the location of DCA being in a damn river? You aren't kidding.
  16. 88 at 2pm and that's the high so far. The PWSs in that area are looking warm.
  17. Euro is 91/91 for Mon/Tues at DCA. But it has been high recently and is well above the GFS (87/85) and NAM (88/86). 18z long range HRRR looks like 90 for Monday.
  18. DCA racks up another today. Now it gets dicey.
  19. San Diego’s climate is so unique, it isn’t replicated anywhere in the US. If you want dry, you are going to end up with a larger seasonal range of temps.
  20. No suspense about day #16 today. Tomorrow looks like a lock. Monday is trending ok. Might be touchy, but the models have been low lately and they are spitting out upper 80s. Tuesday is the big day. The NAM has 850s mid-day around 13C. That wouldn't do it. The GFS is a bit higher and the Euro actually warms to 18C by 00z. So, if the NAM is right the streak ends, if the Euro is right it rolls on.
  21. Is Tony Pann a climate skeptic? He is weirdly hostile to this streak on Twitter.