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  1. You got your lawn all nice just to sell? https://www.c21vermontproperties.com/-/listing/300438799/161-Blood-Road-Waterville-VT-05492
  2. Best lightning of the season (I'm in your hood all week)
  3. Best lightning so far this season in @Lava Rock s 'good. Was quite a show from Raymond neck
  4. Lightning from the cell near Errol is visible from Sebago lake this evening, pretty neat
  5. That whole line that's forming looks tasty
  6. Credit where it's due. Guy's been on the west train since day 1.
  7. Great write-up; appropriate caveats conveyed. Let's goooo
  8. .98; finally signed up for cocorahs too
  9. I'm trying to spread the clover on my lawn; in fact I wish my entire lawn was clover. Nice, hearty green that's essentially drought resistant. It keeps the grass that's inter-mingled nice and healthy, too. The honey bees love it as well. Win-win-win.
  10. That was visible down in Wells, ME. Checked the radar and was surprised. Expected it to be much closer.
  11. 75/65 Dews feel good, a nice change even. Helps that they'll be short-lived.
  12. Just let it go. What is this, year 4? The weeds aren't going to lose this battle. All you're going to do is dump even more chemicals directly into the Portland-area drinking water supply.
  13. Thankfully, here in the Portland area that mentality is already starting to shift. People are becoming aware of the major impact fertilizers and pesticides are having on Casco Bay, its ecosystems, and the health of our populations. In some neighborhoods, if you're the one with the monochrome-green lawn with 0 weeds then you're in the minority...AND even laughed at and looked down upon as an inconsiderate menace to the environment.
  14. https://twitter.com/MaineRangers/status/988846563505000448?s=20
  15. How close was that fire to you today?
  16. He shared "his name" at some point this winter...name lead to some Aussie's FB profile. The Aussie has the same avatar photo. Just an unfunny troll with a stolen avatar.
  17. The public drinking water sources and local coastal waterways thank you in advance for your heavy of use fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides.
  18. Apologies for the poor quality.. clear views of Mt. Washington from PWM this morning.