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  1. We got about an inch.. sleet and freezing rain now... 32
  2. That was a brutal cleanup... Temps got above freezing quickly and we started a icy mist that really compacted and weighted the snow down.... 30" snow bower and it still took me 2+ hours to clear the driveway (200 yards)... halfway shot of the driveway...
  3. Everyone around us is reporting 15-16".. I'll measure when I go out to clean up... sounds about right from what my eyeball tells me...
  4. Where the heck did this come from? I went to bed at 12:30 and we had about 2-3" I just got up and there's 13" on my deck... 31F.. still snowing hard... snow is still pretty light and fluffy.
  5. 6" of snow that flipped to sleet and freezing rain around 3AM. 23.3F with heavy sleet right now.
  6. 28.2 F graupel falling in Mendon.
  7. This just popped up on facebook... https://www.axios.com/polar-vortex-is-about-to-split-up-5c2e7460-67fb-49da-b73a-079ffbe205b9.html
  8. I've spent many weeks fishing just to the east and south of Katahdin. It dominates the skyline in that flattish section of Maine from Millinocket to Lincoln unlike any horizon in the Northeast. It never ceases to amaze me when I see it again.
  9. Strides are being made by leaps and bounds. 3 of my 5 Senior Vice Presidents are women. My lead Mortgage Lending Officer is a woman. 3 of my 4 branch managers are women. All high paying jobs (4 women making 6 figures 2 just below versus 3 men making 6 figures with 1 just below) and with great benefits. The Chairman of my Board of Directors is a woman. I hire talent, not gender.
  10. It's been over us most of the day... it shifted west for an hour or two mid day, but came back close to an hour ago. I can hear the limbs breaking in our woods. Several large ones down in out front yard.