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  1. Heaviest snow of the season in Lenox. Inch-plus an hour rates. 24 degrees. Roads covered.
  2. This one followed seasonal trends. The Berks were fringed to the west.
  3. No storm thread for this?
  4. The basic radar I use from TWC shows all snow in the cape and islands.
  5. It's a legit coastal on the NAM. Hopefully, there's enough lift back here with the upper low to catch some of it.
  6. Funny to see the GFS being the most robust leading up to game time.
  7. The GGEM and Euro have 1-2 inches up here. I think it's safe to cancel all watches and potential advisories.
  8. It seems pretty obvious that he's trolling.
  9. This will be the third Winter Storm Watch bust for the Berks area.
  10. Hopefully, the models are still transitioning their focus on the follow-up wave, which trends stronger and farther west. Otherwise, it's congrats ENE.
  11. Mostly remote in the Berks. Fine winter up here. Good skiing.
  12. Looking like NYC's third 10+ inch storm. Splendid.
  13. The 18z Euro has been quite a nasty critter lately.
  14. Heh. Someone tell this to the forecast models!