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  1. All sleet in western Mass. This was forecasted?
  2. It likes to do that. Joking aside, it has two runs to see the tucked-in, strengthening coastal ... and it likely will.
  3. I do. An unforecasted traffic nightmare.
  4. Huge change on the 3k NAM, tucking a low inside the benchmark at 7z, keeping heavy precip of some sort going for the city north and east. SNE really cashes in.
  5. TWC forecast for city is rain/mix and less than an inch. Uh ... what model shows this?
  6. I don't see the Euro going as far south and east as the current GFS. This looks like a good hit for the city.
  7. I only compared it to yesterday's 12z on the TT 72-hour panel.
  8. Surface looks almost identical to yesterday's 12z run. 850s slightly colder.
  9. I don't ever recall the Euro being this consistently off with east coast winter storms.
  10. Yikes. Hard to buy that scenario playing out.
  11. How does the Euro look for western Mass for Monday?