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  1. Snow intensity is increasing minute by minute now moderate to heavy snow. I will get some sleep between 2-7.
  2. Snow just ramped up to moderate intensity in the last five minutes. I'm torn between staying awake for another hour or two or going to sleep now and getting up by 7-8 AM.
  3. Roads are now snow covered. Intensity picking up every few minutes
  4. I've been meaning to send you a note I am only in NJ about 50% of the time. I am a weekender in Crystal Springs. I think we are going to get crushed
  5. Yep definitely light snow and deck starting to get covered. I spotted a large bear today close to route 517/94 around 7PM. I wonder if they can sense the storm and he was looking for food. I sensed the storm and got a couple of cases of beer today - lol
  6. After getting skunked last winter you seem to be in the sweet spot the last two storms. How far are you from Monticello I visit a friend there about twice a month and it seems to be a cold/snowy spot?
  7. I cleaned a couple of inches snow/sleet and freezing rain off my car a couple of hours ago and after a few hours of freezing mist/drizzle my car now has a very thick coating of ice all over it. Not even going to try to scrape it off until the morning.
  8. Moderate to heavy snow in the last 5 minutes
  9. I'm in Sussex county NJ not queens today and i am missing out on some of the action. About an inch of snow here but it is now just a few scattered flurries.
  10. Snow has lightened considerably in the last 15 minutes.
  11. Cannistear Road in Highland Lakes was a skating rink in a snow squall around 3:30 this afternoon
  12. I heard about 800 acres have been burned by a wildfire in Ulster county. I hate seeing this and we sure could use some rain tonight and tomorrow to help contain this fire and the outbreak of more fires. Does anyone know if this fire has been contained?
  13. 3 degrees here. Too bad there wasn't a snow pack or it could have gone down to 10 below or more tonight. I'll probably bottom out around 5 below.
  14. Incredible rates in Bay Terrace the last hour or so. I am estimating 3-4 inch an hour rates. I was in Flushing during the blizzard of 1996 and these are similar rates.
  15. Highland Lakes, Vernon and West Milford are far enough south and east to capture some of these large Noreasters that don't get too far north and west,. On December 30th 2000 I was living in Vernon and Vernon, Highland Lakes and West Milford got about two feet of snow and western parts of Sussex county only 10-12 inches. I remember watching the weather channel and the local forecast for Sussex County was calling for 18-24 inches in the eastern part of the county and only around a foot in the western part of Sussex county.
  16. I am riding this one out in my apartment in Bayside Queens Instead of Hardyston NJ but I think you guys in Eastern Sussex, Morris, Western Passaic and Southeast Orange County are are going to get in on the fun. I think those areas could get 6-12 inches. For you guys further north and west near 84 I hope you can get at least a few inches to whiten the ground.
  17. I'm about 15-20 miles due north of Butler on route 23 and this is the most intense precip sleet/snow mix of the day.
  18. Wow a lot of snow mixing with the sleet now. I would estimate 50-50. Definitely over achieving.
  19. Down to 28.1 degrees here the lowest temp in the last 24 hours. I see Monticello is sitting at 21 degrees. Not liquid precip happening there tonight.
  20. Yes 100% sleet On the Hardyston/Vernon NJ border
  21. Heavier radar echos headed your way - enjoy!
  22. Very heavy sleet again. Radar looks juicy for the next few hours I am on vacation this week so I am going to try to hang in for another hour or so to see how much wintry weather I get.
  23. I never thought I would be so excited to see sleet! The warm weather in November and December had me itching for some winter weather. Light to moderate sleet still falling.