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  1. Don, I notice you post a lot of pictures from NYBG. I worked there from 1987-1989 and have only been back once but they bring back great memories. Every year I say I am going to go at least once and see the train show but it never happens. Thanks for sharing these pictures.
  2. It is also pouring sleet here and everything is caked in ice. I need to be back in NYC by early evening tomorrow but I don't think there will be an opportunity to travel safely so I am probably hunkering down here until Tuesday morning. Fortunately I have food and alcohol provisions in the house and will be putting some beers on ice shortly.
  3. The roads are absolutely treacherous here in Hardyston Township, Sussex County NJ. It is 25 degrees with moderate to heavy sleet and now some snow mixing in. I live on steep hill and even four wheel drive pickup trucks can't make it up the hill and an Enterprise rental truck was stuck for 30 minutes and the driver was lucky enough to be able to back down the hill to an intersection and turn the truck. it was a masterful job by the driver to get back down the hill because he was sliding all over the place it was pretty scary. As I was typing the sleet just flipped to heavy snow.
  4. Is there a weather observation station near Jones Beach? The weather can be much cooler there in the spring than it is on the North shore. So before I take a ride there I would like to be able to get a sense of the weather.
  5. About 3 inches here in Hardyston, Sussex County, NJ. I just talk a walk and it is mostly heavy snow but I could here sleet pelting my jacket
  6. When is the brunt of the storm with the heavy snow supposed to hit NYC.? It has only been snowing lightly for the last 45 minutes and I want to take the express bus from Bayside Queens into Manhattan and leave the city around 5PM but don't want to have a hard time getting home.
  7. It has been snowing moderate-heavy the last hour or so but it hasn't accumulated much. It t seems like it is melting almost at fast as it is accumulating.
  8. Nice. I had a 45 minute period where the snow was mixed with rain and my accumulation compacted but it is really ripping again here.
  9. The rain in Orange County surged southward into Sussex County and I was a mix of rain and snow and 40 minutes ago but back to all snow again.
  10. Some rain was mixing in during the last 30 minutes but back to all snow
  11. I noticed the winds were picking up about 20 minutes ago the snow was coming down sideways but the snow intensity has lightened. A snow plow finally came down my road it was long overdue.
  12. I don't think anyone thought the snow would be accumulating this quickly. NWS had forecast 2-4 inches in the valleys and 6-12 over higher elevations. I am only at 650 feet so this is a big surprise to me.
  13. Moderate snow falling with about 1/2 inch even on the roadways. I'm surprised it is sticking so quickly after yesterdays warmth. I'm only at 650 feet so this is a bit of a surprise.
  14. My friend just sold her weekend home in central Pike County and wants to buy another home closer to the city probably in Orange County. I told her places like Harriman and Monroe are probably much more expensive than going further west in Orange County. i know the 17 corridor a bit and i was thinking maybe Goshen or somewhere close to there. She probably won't want to go much further west than Middletown. Any suggestions on where she should look?
  15. All snow here in Hardyston Township, Sussex County, NJ. Starting to stick on the roadways already, the roads in the morning will be treacherous. This is several hours ahead of the forecasted changeover.
  16. When there wasn't as much information on the web as there is now I would read the Accuweather blogs quite frequently. I know that Bastardi is now at Weatherbell and that Henry Margusity retired but I always thought Joe Lundberg was a very good short term forecaster for the Northeast but I can't find him anymore. Has he moved on from Accuweather?
  17. Walpack, NJ near the Delaware River in Sussex County how a low temperature of -16 this morning. I pass the Delaware River by The Dingman's Bridge or Milford Bridge about twice a month but haven't been there in two weeks I would love to see the ice coverage on the river.
  18. The Upton snow map is interesting it has NYC with 3 inches of snow and 100 miles east at Montauk it is only showing 4 inches.
  19. 14 degrees here in Hardyston Township, Sussex County, NJ
  20. I need to drive from NW NJ to eastern Queens around 7PM. Has anyone been on route 80, The GWB or Grand Central Parkway? I am trying to decide if the roads are OK to make the drive or are they too treacherous. Thanks for any input
  21. Big Flakes here and at at first glance it looks like it is snowing pretty hard but when I take an expansive look across the golf course the visibility isn't that bad so it is probably only almost moderate snow. Too many people report heavy snow without checking the visibility which is a great way to see how hard it is snowing.
  22. Channel 7 just reported Animal's report of 14.5 inches in Highland Lakes