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  1. I know @Typhoon Tiphas posted it before but anyone got a link to a good Mesonet? pls and Ty.
  2. Those levered etf’s reset their NAV’s daily- you’re going to get chewed up by fees if you hold that- designed for a day or less holding period. Also- what do you think the underlying is of that etf?( hint: rhymes with whaptions) anyways back to your regularly scheduled programming. edit: as of this moment 1:30pm, ~$3.5mm gone lolz. see ya SVB
  3. Looks like some on this board may have a week of their dreams next week: a HECS and a potentially devastating credit/ liquidity US banking crisis to watch unfold while snowed in. As someone who has significant funds at SVB obviously hope that’s not the case but getting skittish and might pull everything at open tomm. Which is what a good ole fashioned bank run is… so?
  4. He literally ranted for days that his rain was contaminated with chlorine and chemicals from the fire in Northeast Ohio which had occurred like 8 days earlier. It was a joke- I’ll do better explaining next time. Or you could trust his forecasting and weather understanding- up to you all.
  5. So 6-7 days away…that means if I look downstream the system should be about here today, right? How come I don’t see anything- please advise.
  6. doesn't it translate tho- Like more air aloft would have led to the Merrimack Valley being more sleet- no? regardless of surface temps, or is that an over simplification?
  7. When I saw the below last night i was like ehhhh... Delete Delete! Maybe High Res was better down south, but certainly not Pike North
  8. Not as good as it looked on radar but it did improve…eyeballing maybe 2 on non-pavement surfaces
  9. The fact that he thinks it takes 6 days for clouds to move from Ohio to SNE really does go a long way in explaining his abysmal weather understanding and forecasting.
  10. The Venn Diagram of people who believe a chlorine cloud descended on their house 7 days after said fire in Ohio, that the covid vaccines are causing mass deaths and that the 2020 election was stolen is just 1 perfect circle.
  11. Conspiracy theorists going to conspiracy theory I guess… classic
  12. If someone runs a marathon, but doesn't tell anyone- did they even run it?
  13. Not sure if you guys heard, but it seems we solved global warming without really even trying. Big if true. (It’s not)
  14. So I get a txt from my mom last night- “hey our electric bill is like $600 what yours- something must be wrong”. So I look and she’s getting charged like 3x per kw than I am- and we both have national grid. So she calls and they say that yes- national grid uses different suppliers and each supplier can charge a ‘Market rate’ so there are differences. Finally, you can request a change if you want to- which she obviously is going to do. This sounds absolutely absurd- anyone work in the industry?
  15. In Aruba 21-28th- bank on the best stretch of the winter occurring then.
  16. rain/ sleet here- def not snow. ground isn't white at all. roads wet. I'm at 210' at the Lowell/ Tewksbury/ Andover line.
  17. Mowed yesterday after raking all the pine needles from my arborvitae’s that fell during the storm. 3 bags later… Anyone else seeing their arborvitae’s shed internal needles at a ridiculous rate this yr? Read up a bit and it’s either the spring/ summer drought or they are all doing a periodic shedding at the same time. Weird
  18. I dunno if anyone else saw this but pretty cool move by The Godfather. https://universalhub.com/2022/mensch-does-mitzvah-channel-5
  19. Update: power back and potential white Christmas if this band doesn’t die. Talk about a range of emotions.
  20. Hosting brunch and Christmas dinner tomm. No power. Can’t get the generator to turn over even a bit. I can feel wifeys icey stares as we listen to the wind howl…if you listen closely you can hear the food going bad. Thoughts and prayers pls.
  21. 2 things: 1) awful trade we all know about Griner's height and athleticism by Viktor has that killer instinct you just can't teach- boom. 2) I believe @Chrisrotary12 among others are interested in the below topic. When you have the best podcast on the planet covering this issue- like I had to link it. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2022-12-08/odd-lots-podcast-how-climate-change-impacts-reinsurance-catastrophe-bonds?srnd=oddlots-podcast
  22. May I suggest you all put on ESPNU for some MACtion ( c. Mich vs w mich) in an absolute blizzard. Nothing better than football in the snow.
  23. This is pretty interesting… also with respect to analogs. Edit: 1975 anyone? What’d that winter do?
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