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  1. From MI last night: https://x.com/goddessofgrain/status/1695039462583992733?s=46&t=ej91V1PwyPgv_VUNXsO_yQ
  2. There are certainly some major MAJOR US military installations under threat from this thing. I keep thinking of one in particular constructed on a dry lake bed in Nevada that may not be dry after this.
  3. I mean basically yes, but I have some rust spots I gotta take out etc…it’ll look worse after I’m done with it ha.
  4. I do- with water sensor. But ya I dunno I might wait until mid next week when I stop in to hit it one more time then overseed and fertilize. Thunderstorms tonight scare me. Anyways here’s the result, shrunken and manipulated down to fit here- which was surprising tough.
  5. Kinda my thought- can’t beat the pattern. Also will be away for the next two weeks and before you know it, I’ll be running up against climatological first frost- I like 6 weeks between seeding and frost. Oh well- going for it. Thanks for the input!
  6. Am I crazy for thinking about dethatching and seeding today… 2 weeks early-ish? Any thoughts?
  7. Listen- I don’t want to argue the point to death. That chart is crap- it’s been reposted a million times, not just here, I was going to post about it regardless if anything was on here- it’s not a personal attack on you at all. The data is very very concerning but let’s represent it in an accurate format. That’s all I’m saying.
  8. This stuff is beyond infuriating. Let me preface my quick rant by saying climate change is undeniably real. Now- you can see in the data that almost every year produces at least multiple 1-2 sigma events. This means the data is not normally distributed which makes sense because weather is not normally distributed (I.e doesn’t fall in a bell curve). So when that happens you need to normalize your data in order to then analyze it. what you don’t do is call it good enough and claim we are under going a 6 sigma event. It ruins the credibility of the science of CC not to mention your own. This stuff is scary enough, I don’t know why charlatans have to exaggerate and obfuscate- it’s unreal.
  9. Anyone have the app or website that Epstein is referencing below? also pretty dark sh*t that I’m going to add it to my favs on all platforms.
  10. Woulda been cool if they got Jim Cantore, but I’ll settle for Jim Catnore I guess.
  11. Anyone wondering about the cause:
  12. Someone posted the AQI is double in NYC now, compared to what it was in SFO in 2020. Wild stuff
  13. Did we ever have this when we were growing up- i.e. 80's? I don't recall it...ever. And I feel like I would remember this post apocalyptic sky.
  14. Was just going to post this- she’s gorgeous. Doesn’t get much more textbook.
  15. money quote: "First, is that typically La Niña follows El Niño, but this is an example of a La Niña event that had no preceding El Niño. That’s not completely impossible, but unlikely. The second thing is, we had this La Niña event that lasted for three years that didn’t follow an El Niño. That is unprecedented. Previous long-lasting La Niñas have always happened after a strong El Niño.”
  16. Interesting paper on the impacts of the Australian Wildfires in 2019-2020. Interesting how the smoke doesn't get into the stratosphere but still impacts sensible weather. good read. TLDR- Contributed to the 3 yr long (unprecedented) La Nina. https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-023-01588-8
  17. Pool heater engaged for the first time this yr. enjoy these next 2 days
  18. Oh no- that does it. I’ll be at the next gtg. Book it.
  19. If I were you and thank god I’m not, I’d sit out any fire/ smoke conversations for awhile. Anyways it took me 0.01 seconds and Google to find out how unusual wildfires during May in Alberta are and the answer is….not at all unusual. Shocker.
  20. Thank you- I think? Ya I’m pretty sure the correct response is ‘thank you’.
  21. When I think of you, I think of this:
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