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  1. From what I’ve heard (cnn) when the red line goes up, it’s like a 30 min warning due to the distance of the satellite. Started going up about 15 mins ago. https://www.swpc.noaa.gov/products/real-time-solar-wind
  2. I feel like I know the answer to this but- any chance we cool off before the precip ends? Sitting at 32.7 and pouring- would rather us not cool to 31.
  3. Giving a talk next week… just hear me out.
  4. I spy Cory: https://x.com/kassydillon/status/1762609430388978170?s=46&t=ej91V1PwyPgv_VUNXsO_yQ
  5. I’m not in the business of picking spots on the globe to fit my preconceived narrative but you do you.
  6. To this point… what’s the mechanism that *could* bring global temp anomalies back in line? We baked at a global scale this year- I’m not sure betting on a miraculous return to prior curve is a bet I’d make.
  7. Don’t report it, change your password and any other password that might be remotely close to it. Also- looking forward to you slant sticking your way to 6, jk jk…. Not really
  8. Anyone know where that 83mph from Rye,NH was recorded? That’s unbelievable…literally.
  9. 13 here at the Tewksbury/ Andover/ Lowell triangle. Not accounting for compaction- just measured. Still puking, we over perform.
  10. Does fish lurk here? https://x.com/ericfisher/status/1737604776676954152?s=46&t=ej91V1PwyPgv_VUNXsO_yQ
  11. To your point, usually when you see 'odd' data selections there's a reason. I bet if you went to 30- you would include some of the mid 1990's winters and the deviation would look a whole lot less impressive. Let's see when we get to 2030- could be even worse who knows?
  12. As much it pains me, and trust me- it does....tip of the cap to @Damage In Tolland- I did not think there was a chance in h that Logan would verify TS conditions. Even a blind squirrel- haha Also everything grounded at Logan supposedly.
  13. My timeline is blowing up w/ mets saying the latest forecast for El Nino, is that it has peaked or is peaking, and will subside as move through the rest of winter. What are the practical implications- climatologically speaking?
  14. So after sifting through 4 pages where every other post is a troll or a wishcast, I still can’t tell if i should prepare for high winds here. National grid just texted a warning about power but… seems CYA to me. Locally winds are not a concern here with few exceptions. Should I prepare for 25-30 or like 50-60. Leaning the former but?
  15. The way we/all of us allow like 4 trolls to drive the entire narrative on this board day after day is more telling about a society/social media as a whole than anything else. It's legit fascinating to watch...literally year after year. Seasons in Seasons as 'they' say.
  16. What a storm in the Black Sea. I’d pay good money for this here:
  17. People are saying you can tell a lot about someone if they both, put up and turn on outdoor Christmas lights in mid-November. I’m not the one saying it, but people are talking.
  18. Recently experienced a self service airport kiosk with no human workers at all, that prompted me for a tip. Like where does that $$ go? Mind blown.
  19. The whole story is just amazing/tragic. It's really well done and would highly recommend. This really becomes the basis for modern U.S. avalanche forecasting and rescue.
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