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  1. Can’t have a stock market crash if you don’t open the stock market. In any case official language is out from the EU it’s all over but the crying. Happy hunting.
  2. This seems less than ideal, via Russian State TV just now:
  3. Bid is 173 for RUB to USD. Was 83 on Friday. Edit:171
  4. Bro I’m muting you for awhile. Don’t have time for your shit. Suggest you pick a career and stick to it: either a YouTube schooled epidemiologist, or supposedly ceo of a u.s. defense contractor who repeats Russian propaganda basically word for word. Wild shit. Either way have a good one, or don’t, idgaf tbh.
  5. To your point yes- he’s going to lash out at the west and Ukraine… it’s not going to be pretty. Ya trust me swift is one thing and more symbolic than anything else due to the sanctions put in place last week but…. Seizing/ freezing cb assets is an act of war. No two ways about it. It cannot be overstated how big of a deal this is- provided there aren’t gigantic loopholes- Just wow
  6. It’s actually much worse than that- ruble to zero. Putin’s options are very very limited now and not in a good way.
  7. I’m absolutely stunned by the below. This is literal insanity. Putin is about to get very very desperate. Ruble is going to zero on Monday/ Sunday night.
  8. While I’m posting tonight- I’ll actually add some value and not exclusively shitpost. My IT guys and girls are freaking the f out- they have been told to expect cyber attacks on U.S. assets. My advice to all of you is to keep a super sharp eye on your emails, phishing etc. if you own crypto (not that you aren’t already paranoid) but be very very skeptical. I know we have some defense related business owners here- I’m sure they are in the loop too. Having said that, please provide me your SSN and mother’s maiden name and I’ll be happy to cross reference that to known ongoing hacks. Jk jk.
  9. Oh for sure…I was being hyperbolic. I didn’t think Putin would actually do it at the time, but here we are. Seems Ukraine is putting up some fierce resistance. Tonight will be telling.
  10. Just re-upping this so I can get a much needed laugh and say “I told you so”. What an awful few days with little sleep. Dark day in history.
  11. Anyone see what’s going in the N.Atlantic? Extra-tropical storm is bombing out, down 55mb in 24 hours, 77 in the last 48. Can we get that off the BM pls?
  12. Ya no sh*t. Hence me calling out that embarrassing piece of ‘journalism’.
  13. This was actually published in the NYT today- Embarrassing. prob sounds familiar to some of you guys tho based on the convo
  14. I'm going to count to three...everyone face east and blow out of their mouths as hard as they can... ok? 1-2-3. done- west trend stopped.
  15. From a grain marketer in Saskatchewan. I don’t know how it works eligibility wise…but I think it’s still in ‘beta’ so possible coverage areas are still limited? edit: should try reading entire posts before responding
  16. On a brighter note- tell me what you see in the below? If you guessed a StarLink satellite dish being rendered inoperable by stray cats (due to the heat generated on a comparatively cold day) you’re correct. Would have also accepted: a dream holiday snowpack. Anyways this cracks me up for a variety of reasons.
  17. If this were to verify: fastest trans-continental flights ever? Paging @Typhoon Tip Either way- this all seems very normal and nothing to think twice about.
  18. I got theta murdered last time- market churned higher forever in the face of certain crisis in Europe until the rug pull. We’ll see this week, I expect post New Years people will wake up if not… oh well I tried. Was up 100% on Friday already but didn’t sell want a bigger move.
  19. Ended up putting back on my pre-COVID trade (personal money, not financial advice) last Thursday at open, day after the FOMC. SPY puts, Jan 12 exp. Lockdowns…. They are a coming.
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