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  1. In all seriousness— this correction was set in motion in June. Markets were extended…there wasn’t a pullback in the late spring- which I had predicted. September is a historically weak month for returns…I saw something like the week after sept option exp is negative 25 outta 29 times or something with the avg drawdown being 94 bps. what I’m saying is the smart money had been looking for some consolidation for some time, inst. money rebalancing into quarter end…and maybe a little liquidity event in China…that’s how you get here…I see choppiness through this week, and then we’re back on the escalator back up through year end.
  2. Yes- but I’ll buy any stocks that you wanna sell at these levels tho.
  3. Cranked the heat to 90 and had ourselves a nice final pool party for the season. Surprisingly warm in the sun today. Question is— past Wednesday does it continue?
  4. Gas man came yesterday, so of course it'll be: pool temp: 85 air temp: 55 Shoulda closed her.
  5. When are you guys doing fall fert and seed? Thinking this week...am I too early? What's up w/ that de-thatcher? I rented one from HD when I was trying to save my previous lawn- what a pain in the ass. That for fall use? Do you use it every yr?
  6. - Thanks. I guess I'm really thinking about wrong...interesting...will be watching for more airline ground speed records incoming regardless.
  7. Edit: Quoted the wrong post Tip--The question on my mind... as a fan of your Hadley cell observations etc for many yrs....do we see a snap-back mid/late Oct- snowbomb? The +2sd anomalies have to be offset somewhere/ at some point right? I know that's an oversimplification but?
  8. 5k for heater and install… I have two large propane tanks- those are free if you sign a contract with a gas co. Those are like $750 to refill. Usually do that twice, this yr 3 times. I’ve figured it heats mine (about 25k gallons) about two degrees per hour. I can’t recommend it enough tbh. This is my 2nd yr with it. My neighbor put in an electric same time as me and he has to keep it running thurs- sun for weekend activities which I would imagine gets pricey.
  9. It literally pains me to agree with you about anything…But postponed the close and refilled the tanks on the heater…October swimming here we come.
  10. Just FYI, the Thunderbirds are going to be at Pease this weekend. Weekend looks gorge.
  11. Not sure if this is the place for this but… I vividly remember tracking lake effect streamers in October hoping they would clear the berkshires …had to be like 10, so mid 90’s. Like that was how we got our first snow- every year. I remember rushing home from school to get football games organized in the snow. My question is- am I losing it or have things changed?
  12. That’s a legit waterspout in the sound.
  13. I think they misunderstood the rules. he tested neg each day he was away from NE but those tests don't count under the NFL policy apparently. so he has to quarantine for 5 days. so looks like everyone f-ed up.
  14. Thank you all, great advice. I do have some spots in the sod I'd like to get thicker...so seed in the fall then fert and lesco in the spring it seems. I use milorganite- 3 applications per year- love that stuff... Anyone do any soil sampling just to be sure? I'm thinking about it for the spring.
  15. I need some help...I'm spending a small fortune and more time than I'd like, manually spraying/picking crabgrass outta my lawn. It's a pain in the ass tbh. I put in all fresh sod last yr, and it looks fantastic- i wanna keep it that way. I should put down something in the spring I assume to prevent it from sprouting. If so- I then seed in the fall per usual and skip the spring seeding since it'd get killed by the crabgrass control? anyone have any experience?
  16. Shout-out to @Typhoon Tip. My router & modem are installed and the difference is hugggeee. I can be a bit of a d*ck on here at times- but your help was/is appreciated.
  17. I use a program called 'snag it' for all of those type of things. highly recommend.
  18. Yes it is the one "woman", and her 2 liberal friends who come in here, make all of 10 posts that cause all the issues and get things shut down. Your eyes are lying to you.
  19. We agree to disagree- I’m renewing right now, hasn’t been brought up at all by my broker who is literally the biggest in the world. Prices are up but in my view it’s consolidation driving that - I dunno man. I’m was trying to agree with you- not get into a pissing contest but here we are.
  20. So I’ve disagreed with you on the insurance thing for awhile. I run our Corp insurance program on the side— zero Covid claims in CAD, US, MX (5k employees) since this started including manufacturing lines, which we never paused unless there was an active outbreak ongoing, literally never lost a minute of sleep over that side of the business re: Covid. But I 100% agree things get sticky when it comes to proving vaccine status. And ultimately that’s why I think this will end up being mandated by the states, but you are correct ( for once, lol) I think this becomes an issue for pvt sector co’s.
  21. Nope never heard of it. Separate but equal, brown v board of Ed…try patronizing someone else. Legal precedent can be overturned yes, is it likely to be overturned…almost certainly not. But maybe you’re right, conservative lawyers have always had a problem with states rights— right?
  22. That’s fine that you don’t think so and maybe you’ll be right. But it is very clear cut from a legal perspective. It doesn’t get anymore clear cut tbh. People can and will appeal to the SC but I don’t even know that they would take the case given that the legal precedent has been set…since 1905.
  23. I think we both know that will immediately follow the full authorization in a couple of weeks. The Indiana S.C. ruled against students saying vaccine requirements were unconstitutional to attend college for context. I really don’t care either way- just saying the constitution is not on the side of the unvaccinated. America was never free (gasp).
  24. I almost didn’t take the bait but couldn’t resist. What USA do you speak of- it’s certainly not the country in which you currently live. Maybe brush up on a few things other than conspiracy theories, like Massachusetts case law for instance— via the Indiana Court of Appeals:
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