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  1. From a grain marketer in Saskatchewan. I don’t know how it works eligibility wise…but I think it’s still in ‘beta’ so possible coverage areas are still limited? edit: should try reading entire posts before responding
  2. On a brighter note- tell me what you see in the below? If you guessed a StarLink satellite dish being rendered inoperable by stray cats (due to the heat generated on a comparatively cold day) you’re correct. Would have also accepted: a dream holiday snowpack. Anyways this cracks me up for a variety of reasons.
  3. If this were to verify: fastest trans-continental flights ever? Paging @Typhoon Tip Either way- this all seems very normal and nothing to think twice about.
  4. I got theta murdered last time- market churned higher forever in the face of certain crisis in Europe until the rug pull. We’ll see this week, I expect post New Years people will wake up if not… oh well I tried. Was up 100% on Friday already but didn’t sell want a bigger move.
  5. Ended up putting back on my pre-COVID trade (personal money, not financial advice) last Thursday at open, day after the FOMC. SPY puts, Jan 12 exp. Lockdowns…. They are a coming.
  6. I’m waiting for the apologies to @Chrisrotary12 to pour in. Or is that not how this works?
  7. FYI just got a private message from Emily- age 25. Accompanied by a link to what I’m sure is a legit dating site. Reported It.
  8. Gallows humor, but laughing thinking about those saying it doesn’t snow in New England anymore…boy their tunes will change during the nuclear winter (summer) of 2022.
  9. I put gas in my Ariens and got her heated up this morning. This one’s on me guys- sorry.
  10. @ORH_wxman- where's the top. map from? been looking for a good one- Thanks!
  11. To be clear- my posts were not calling out media hysteria. I actually think this is a potentially HUGE deal. And I didn’t even expect a market reaction until early next week tbh - so wrong there. two caveats—first- small sample sizes can lead to wildly distorted analysis- so it’s possible this isn’t as bad as it seems. secondly one thing my job taught me is if I’m looking at data in an area I have no expertise in- and it’s telling me a clear story- I should be very wary. The clearer the story it tells the more dangerous my analysis tends to be- like lose ur job dangerous. Just keep that in mind and listen to the experts.
  12. It’s 59 confirmed cases- this is the only code red email I’ve gotten since early January 2020. Anyways- obvs hope the experts are wrong but given the UK just announced travel restrictions I don’t think the concern is unwarranted I digress- it’s dessert time.
  13. The WHO has an emergency meeting tomm the western world will hear about it then. SA health authorities did a presser today I believe.
  14. Look I’m not an epidemiologist- I’m a finance guy and this came to me through my IB this afternoon. The data is about as devastating as it could be. The genetic mapping indicates that this variant has the potential to evade immune responses- both generated through vaccine and naturally. It is possible(likely) that it is more transmissible than delta. It is quite frankly the worst possible news we could have.
  15. I know this topic is banned and it should be tbh- but I just saw the data re: the WHO meeting tomm. It’s basically the worst case scenario. If I’m going to be depressed on thanksgiving so are all of you. Heavy whiskey incoming. Delete this if you want- whatever.
  16. I’m saying this is the peak of public awareness/concern about it, all downhill from here. “Soon” is a relative term.
  17. Seeing a lot and I mean a lot of coverage of inflation and supply chain issues in local news. I’m ringing the bell- this is the top for both. Zig when they zag- invest accordingly.
  18. Imagine being ok with losing ~7% of your purchasing power a year. Crazy talk.
  19. Heavy frost on the windshield- scraper out of the trunk for the year.
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