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  1. The WHO has an emergency meeting tomm the western world will hear about it then. SA health authorities did a presser today I believe.
  2. Look I’m not an epidemiologist- I’m a finance guy and this came to me through my IB this afternoon. The data is about as devastating as it could be. The genetic mapping indicates that this variant has the potential to evade immune responses- both generated through vaccine and naturally. It is possible(likely) that it is more transmissible than delta. It is quite frankly the worst possible news we could have.
  3. I know this topic is banned and it should be tbh- but I just saw the data re: the WHO meeting tomm. It’s basically the worst case scenario. If I’m going to be depressed on thanksgiving so are all of you. Heavy whiskey incoming. Delete this if you want- whatever.
  4. I’m saying this is the peak of public awareness/concern about it, all downhill from here. “Soon” is a relative term.
  5. Seeing a lot and I mean a lot of coverage of inflation and supply chain issues in local news. I’m ringing the bell- this is the top for both. Zig when they zag- invest accordingly.
  6. Imagine being ok with losing ~7% of your purchasing power a year. Crazy talk.
  7. Heavy frost on the windshield- scraper out of the trunk for the year.
  8. To be known around these parts, from this day forward, as Hurricane James. Tell me there's not something about this storm- the season after his passing- basically his dream storm. Rest easy James.
  9. maybe not the time for this- but everyone is saying: it'd be a blizzy...and maybe...but wouldn't the prolonged easterly fetch toaster bath the majority of the region? I guess it all depends on airmass. food for thought i guess.
  10. I read clover can result from low nitrogen- just FYI, which if your lawn was sand not too long ago…maybe try a soil test first? Gunna do mine this year just to check.
  11. This x1000. The economy is a complex system not unlike the climate. When people blame supply issues on lazy workers, longshoremen, federal unemployment benefits, China etc etc etc…it is quite literally exactly the same as blaming global warming for a heat wave. Sure it contributes at the margins but at a large scale it’s the interplay of a million different things that gives us that summer heat wave.
  12. can't help but jump in here-- for personal account 4th quarter *not financial advice* XLF- Financials breaking out, 15% of that is Berkshire- if you believe in a cyclical recovery this is for you. Crypto- BTC above 46 is a buy...and I like crypto exposed banks- SVB? And I like commodities ex gold: Copper (bouncing off of support) and Oil (touching 7 yr highs) especially.
  13. I'm not sure which drives more traffic here, dew talk or frost talk...we'll have to go to the judges on this one.
  14. well the bad man with the air compressor stopped by yesterday- no more sprinklers for the season- seems early to me but whatever. lawn looks great- until i put a giant spiderweb/spiders on it- will try and take a pic later
  15. Hey guys- update- followed your advice...bought that green electric de-thatcher linked above- followed by fert/seed...things look fantastic. So now what's the plan for the spring? I wanna use the crab grass stuff scott talked about...do i do a spring dethatching or anything? and i presume no seed if i use the crabgrass control.
  16. Short answer Yes- by the maximum 1 year increase allowed under law until they reach the market rate. Which for most is 25-30 yrs. Just googled 'flood insurance increase' and the first link is KATC- Louisiana. https://www.katc.com/news/covering-louisiana/most-louisiana-homeowners-can-expect-an-increase-in-flood-insurance
  17. At the risk of beating a dead horse....this is the 1st year that unsubsidized flood insurance takes effect. Increases are limited to like I dunno $1,300 a year or something....but in 30 yrs there are going to be places that become unaffordable to many (assuming no further legislation).... So at least before it becomes uninhabitable my bet is that coastal areas gentrify at an exceptional rate. There is a certain segment of the population that has no problem paying $30k cash a yr for flood insurance... while the less fortunate get pushed inland.
  18. Here you go, gotta create a free account to read it tho: https://www.ceres.org/resources/reports/financing-net-zero-economy-consequences-physical-climate-risk-banks
  19. I love the smell of napalm in the morning.
  20. Place your bets on who will be the first to disregard all stated caveats above, and lead with "Cat 5 landfall imminent in the S.E. U.S.".
  21. Do you rent or own- if you rent -Can you spray it and then throw some caulking up there and seal that crack? If you own I'd call someone out there and see if they can find the nest- I wouldn't go poking around my walls without at least some idea of where i was looking. just me tho.
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