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  1. What don’t you get? The Moderna and Pfizer vaccines should have their IP temporarily revoked and it should be like ‘open sourced’. Allow the world to manufacture their own for a period of time. The Pfizer CEO said he was open to that in not so many words...but like I said it was phrased carefully. And we don’t do follow ups on these calls. Which leads me to believe there’s something else going on. Glad to catch you up.
  2. If someone had told me not even 5 months ago, when I decided it’d be fun to mess with the trolls on here (due to quarantine boredom) and already DIT would have threatened to call the cops on me...first I obviously would have pissed myself laughing, then I would have kissed you on the mouth. How very on brand for DIT. Ok I got my laughs for tonight now I’m done. If anyone really does know about vaccine IP I’m super curious- paging Whineminster.
  3. Seems my troll post brought out exactly who I was targeting- mission accomplished. There is something fishy with the IP around the vaccines. I was on a call with the CEO of Pfizer last week ( just me and ~200 of my closest friends) and someone asked about it...but the response was phrased very carefully...like too carefully. Does anyone know what the deal really is? the situation in India is really infuriating...what a global failure this whole thing has been. I’m not sure India can vaccine it’s way out of it- similarly to how the Biden admin didn’t surge vaccine into Michigan- takes 6 weeks to see any results in terms of infection. But we, meaning the developed world really need to step it up in terms of supplying them ppe/ oxygen. Just a really sad and devastating situation, probably to be repeated elsewhere in the coming months.
  4. Love getting a weenie from someone this sarcasm was aimed at. Maybe I’ll have to dumb it down in the future for those of us who still can’t properly spell ‘dimentia’ after multiple attempts.
  5. Crazy how convenient it is that the media is reporting the ‘flu’ is bringing India to its knees. Basically decimating their entire medical infrastructure. A million may die before August. Ive heard from people around this happens every year but the lamestream media just chooses not to report on it.
  6. Thinking about the situations in India and Brazil and reading about really the failure of a global vaccine distribution system that is equitable and if we were as serious about globalizing capitalism as public health we would be in a better place globally although locally much less so. Can’t help but think that has to start bleeding X% off of global GDP for the foreseeable future. Especially hard hit being developing/ emerging economies. EM has been weak since feb... but this thought hasn’t bled into those markets yet- I don’t think. The virus is the economy. Big bet has to be on U.S. markets to dominate the rest of the world performance wise for the foreseeable future.
  7. Found an appropriate place to take you grievances:
  8. Ya looking for something new-ish. Need the new season of Ozark- badly.
  9. First 3 seasons- yuck. Last 3- some of the best television outside of Seinfeld. Bizarre.
  10. He retired so I’m leaning- no.
  11. Anyone have any good shows to binge? Have done the usual suspects: ozark, schitts, queens, peaky blinders...anything quasi-new I’m missing?
  12. First imagine that you’re so deeply insecure in your own beliefs that even though you personally don’t believe COVID is a big deal (which whatever- free country) that you drag anyone taking public health messaging seriously over the coals on a daily/ hourly basis. Then imagine you lack any type of self awareness- so much so that you say “everyone talking about scary Covid in MD is so annoying”. While simultaneously making what...20-30 COVID related posts a DAY on a weather forum- anonymously of course. If anyone can’t see what’s going here- you’re welcome.
  13. I'd be more concerned if it wasn't a Musk operation. But snake oil sales men are going to snake-oil so...
  14. You’ve been ‘Phin’ this whole time??? What a plot twist
  15. I was obviously like 55% joking but...pretty sure in this case being a mercenary is being a capitalist. I don’t hate on anyone making whatever career moves they deem positive for themselves. Everyone has their reasons. My top IT guy just gave his notice yesterday a.m. I tried to make him an offer he couldn’t refuse, but money isn’t everything to people. I literally don’t know what I’m going to do w/o him- shit. How did we even go down this rabbit hole?
  16. You want loyalty? Get a dog.
  17. I have 2 kids under 4 and absolutely love working from home. My oldest- never saw him for the first year of his life. I was out the door before he got up, and home well after he went to bed. I changed jobs pre Covid to correct this but...now...the extra time at home is invaluable. Coming down for lunch, putting them down for a nap...just coming down to say hello. It has been a game changer.
  18. I'm quite confident (+75%) that I will never return to a 5 day in office work week. For all of the reasons listed above both on the employee and employer side + forecasts putting the unemployment rate in a range where employers will have to offer flexibility to remain competitive. Which is where I'm at mentally- "oh you want me in 5 days a week regardless of what I have going on? Ok, I'll go work for someone else- Thanks!" I guess I'm fortunate to be in that position, but I would imagine many people are in a similar boat. Below is my fave WFH anecdote from the dimmest Goldman CEO of our lifetimes: Few things annoyed Solomon more last year than an encounter with a junior employee in the Hamptons. The Goldman Sachs boss has told lieutenants how the underling walked up at a restaurant, introduced himself and pointed to associates with him -- in the middle of a workday. The tale has become the CEO’s go-to anecdote when he vents about his mostly-empty offices: proof that remote work has run amok. Some who’ve heard the story note the apparent disconnect. The boss is perturbed by bumping into staff while he himself was spending extended summer weekends in the Hamptons at a luxe seaside rental. Solomon’s time there even made national news after he deejayed a concert where attendees flouted social-distancing guidelines, leaving New York state officials fuming
  19. nice dude- can't wait for my fateful day
  20. In non Covid related news...things are starting to get very tense in eastern Ukraine. Over a canal that pre-Russian invasion used to serve Crimea. Nary a word about it in western media. Our first water war, however tangentially, on the horizon- who’s the doomsayer now?
  21. fear not- it is saved forever
  22. Ok boomer. That was too easy. I’ll put you down as a ‘maybe’ for liars poker.
  23. Gotta love that the people complaining about the media manipulating the population with negative news are the very same people predicting certain societal breakdowns in our lifetimes. Ironic much? Negativity sells, always has and always will- shocking development I know. Maybe as part of our all but certain dystopian future we don’t allow people born in say 1980 or before access to the internet. Boomers just can’t handle it. The people telling me as a young boy: don’t believe everything you read are the same people now saying you get Alzheimer’s from a vaccine, or that Trump is a Russian agent. Its like those people that throw around the word snowflake. You just know they are the most thin skinned people out there. It’s a tell...would love to play liars poker with some of you. Maybe at the next gtg, only if we all get our vaccine passports that the future Orwellian government will mandate of course.
  24. Libertarians exercising their personal right to not get vaccinated. Libertarian business owners exercising their right to deny service based on vaccine status.
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