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  1. What he did- being a registered broker and working for mass mutual, while posting stock picks on the internet is what the SEC is looking at. He prob will and should lose his license, and I wouldn’t be shocked if the CFA did something as well. The rules around this are very stringent. Historically I’ve had to upload my personal accounts to a company platform for real time monitoring, clear trades internally before executing, been barred from owning anything but index funds or combination of all of the above. These rules are taken very seriously by the SEC and any financial company’s HR dept. He’s basically untouchable from a hiring perspective- not that he cares anymore.
  2. Also the gradient within Tolland city limits was insane. A five inch gradient in one town, ALMOST unheard of. Can’t be expected to nail that.
  3. I think that’s going to be me...prob a foot here already- it has been incredible.
  4. Red jacket down in Dennis? I think it’s Dennis has a good one. It’s a par 3 course but in excellent shape and very challenging. Also a great jumping off point to play wherever you want on the cape. I did that for a few yrs w my dad...lessons in the morning, all you can play after that. Felt like I was on tour. sunday river is also great- love that course. Although getting up there is annoying. And I think you’re married to that course if you go up there, although others may know the bethel area better than I.
  5. Eye of the beholder I guess...85% against severe disease and 100% against death. Single dose. No cold storage. My opinion is that this is a great day for the less developed world in particular. If you told me a year ago we’d be in this spot re:vaccines I would have taken it and ran. Now back to your regularly scheduled programming.
  6. Those results from JnJ are about as good as one could expect. Great day for the world. In other news, today we go to the moon. Lol
  7. He was comparing you to DT- aka dick tolleris . Beyond that I dunno edit: wait is that DT’s actual name?- lol
  8. ill just leave this here: On 1/16/2021 at 1:53 PM, Damage In Tolland said: 4”+ is a lock OTG by this time next Sat
  9. Trust me I get the frustration but....Robinhood and others that offer commission free trades are not doing so out of the goodness of their hearts. They sell your order flow to hedge funds that then front you and make you pay slightly more per share...fractions of a cent that you don’t even notice. The selling of order flow is robinhoods business model- that’s it. So when the hedge funds say jump, robinhood is always going ask how high? It’s like your free checking account at whatever bank you use... that’s really paid for by overdraft fees of primarily lower income people, there’s no free lunch anywhere unfortunately
  10. I tried and got shot down- granted I have no real credibility here as a poster so... But I for one promise to behave if we are given the go ahead.
  11. They own a ton of good ip ya and they have good recurring rev’s. But that was like 8 yrs ago- haven’t looked at it since. Lol no options with personal money- I have a family. My bubble basket is just amc and bb right now and I’m just in for fun. I liked it more @ close than now. This whole storyline is just so absurd.
  12. I did an lengthy analysis of BB in business school and came away thinking the same as you. but it’s not the reason I bought it- lol
  13. Into amc at 15.50. Now it’s halted. Never has there been a worse investment thesis.
  14. Citadel/ Point72 buy order flow to front run, Retail creates a short squeeze, Citadel et al buy Melvin for pennies on the dollar. Citadel/Point72 make out x2. Good business to be in.
  15. Lol absolutely love it. I need to tell my grandkids I took part in the great hedge fund reckoning of 2021
  16. Watch AMC, my fun $$ is going there at the open.
  17. Friend bought new const. in holliston. Absolutely beautiful, but ya very expensive town- but good schools etc...Great place to live. One thing we need to remember when talking home prices is the per month mortgage pmt is basically unch even before inflation since the 80’s. Although our houses are bigger and less people live in them. That’s probably more at a national level tho but still.
  18. Meant family night at the movies- not a big movie guy or superhero guy for that matter. Let the pillaging begin.
  19. That is a seriously great idea. I’ll be stealing this one- thanks!
  20. ya good points all around. i'll def be giving it a watch.
  21. 100x better than Jordan's? damn I'm going to have to make it a priority. Is it a hit piece tho? read that somewhere, who knows where.
  22. No one is saying cancel culture, the mods can do whatever they want. it is literally their website. What brought me to actually post was seeing some posters regularly troll and misinform and not get called out, like whatsoever. if that doesn't happen then fine. i have literally nothing to add on the weather side- just follow the experts here- who are very good. That's fine by me.
  23. lol just noticed that...this is/was a way to break the 'rona boredom for me...back to lurking in a crap pattern, i guess. mission accomplished....or is it????
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