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  1. Now that the dust has settled who can give me the cliff notes of what happened to the original banter thread? Who drove the bus over the cliff?
  2. I don’t want you to paint yourself into a corner but you had mentioned leaning unfavorable in feb. so realistically mid-month through end of month as the favorable period? Or have things changed re: feb?
  3. Early morning knife twisting, even tho all Mets had caution flags every which way....and had to edit the original post to do so, because his first attempt wasn’t quitttteeee enough. Or maybe he needs at least two tries to get anything right...Stay classy 2021- the year the troll gets his.
  4. Yes 35 and rain but it had been mixing not too long ago. Down three degrees since 11:00
  5. Haven't we a seen a general trend- due to the infamous fast flow-for almost all of these to trend weaker sauce as we approach them? I get there will be super wound up systems that buck the trend but isn't that the way to hedge for now?
  6. Ok I’ll be the first to say it...that COVID isn’t transmissible between 10pm and 5am is such a lucky gene mutation break. What a sh**show it’d be if that wasn’t the case.
  7. which is historically great for business/ capital markets. The blue wave definitely did not materialize as foreshadowed.
  8. so... we toyed with buying outdoor heaters and having dinner outside but...given the rise in cases, at least for us that is off the table. Christmas- I think will not be do-able except for zoom given the current trajectory. It will just be people in our bubble (wife, kids, in laws) meeting separately and most likely taking plates to go.
  9. I think we're almost in no-doubter territory here. AZ, WI, MI get Biden to 270 assuming Nevada holds and all the lawsuit talk surrounding PA is moot. I actually think we prob know by EOD.
  10. I feel like this does not mean what you think it means. Just chiming in from the bleachers- don’t mind me.
  11. Thanks- i honestly don't know what type of grass, the guy that did the redesign put it down....i'll take some pics at lunch. Lawn faces East so good sun until 1-2ish in the afternoon. How much water is the correct amount? Thank you again for this. Yours looks great btw
  12. So max height, cut Saturday and had to cut again yesterday. Put it down April 25th.. I mean it looks fairly good...some parts are a little more meh than others but i have 2 kids under 3 running around on it. I put the disease X down to combat potential fungus i thought. but i don't know anything so...I do notice some yellowing of the blades in spots.
  13. I mean not crazy but i spent money on the sod so...
  14. hey guys, did my lawn over- fresh sod. My neighbor who's lawn looks like the 18th at Augusta told me I should put DiseaseX down. So i did on Saturday and already I've noticed a difference. What else should I be doing for regular maintenance/ feeding? I don't wanna keep going back to my neighbor though I guess I could. Any other tips/fertilizer schedules I should use? I do have a sprinkler system now, and it runs twice a day at 530am and 930pm for a half hour. Anything would be greatly appreciated.
  15. Thanks- the lawn faces east so sun in the morning and then its gets the house shadow as the sun moves across the sky. Ok- thanks for the tip. My wife is petrified it's not going to take- so I can't screw this up- haha
  16. Just had new sod and a sprinkler system put in for my front yard- it's small. Obviously it's pretty cold which I'm not happy about but...other than watering- anything i should be doing for the sod? i've only been watering once a day because it's been so wet- things still seem pretty soggy.
  17. Tip, in Lowell up 2 from 37 to 39 since 9am on a north wind. Not great
  18. Hey don't post often but....I work near rowes wharf in Boston and to see the flooding from the previous nor'easter, it was eye opening to say the least. I don't want to say it's being underplayed on here, but maybe so to the general public? do you have serious concerns given the multiple tide cycles...regardless of whether or not PF torches ha, albeit tides are what...1.5 ft lower this month in general? And a completely different storm- no hurricane type surge this time. Scott specifically seemed to think it might be an issue, any thoughts? What do the models imply as far as storm surge/ wave heights etc?
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