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  1. Is it a fail tho? Clearly they had to know this work would never be published under the official seal in the new administration (or this one obviously) and hopefully any administration in the future ...so they did it anyway on a non-govt site. Mission accomplished.
  2. Other than personally buying a phosphate mine (someday) count me out of all commodity related businesses as a general rule.
  3. In his defense I think it’s been fairly broad. I don’t play at all in the space but I wonder what some of the individual co’s look like? Shale was terrible to the point we started looking at systemic risks from their bankruptcies on regional banks pre COVID. Talk about misplaced concerns. I bet there are some crazy big #’s in there.
  4. Dude I was just joking around. You’re absolutely correct, the oil move has been ridiculous since the lows.
  5. Doubt you could even borrow it to sell it short. Imagine being on the other side of that trade? lol i think they have like 2 employees or something ridiculous.
  6. Politics aside, when you look at anti- trust issues across tech it’s really that tailrisk that should keep people and their QQQ holdings up at night. And rightfully so.
  7. Or buy SIGL at open this morning and cash 1000% in less than a day. Bonkers
  8. Ya I mean maybe...I’m skeptical. You guys see ‘The Social Dilemma’? It was overly simplistic and cartoonish at times but the point the film made was stark. When you engage in dishonest and predatory business practices karma has a way of coming around the block.
  9. Agreed, not on the coast but much rather have snow around the holidays than January feb. now it’d almost be depressing to have a glacier out there. At least the kids can still run around. I’m certainly in the minority and having accepted this winter as “crappy” may be coloring my perspective.
  10. Just when you say a company is too big to fail... with the exception of the companies that actually are too big to fail of course I.e. financials.
  11. Last six months: FB, AMZN, NFLX, and MSFT are all just about even money. Wait what!?!?
  12. honestly same...a buddy has a ton of $$ in it, like in the multiple hundreds of k, he's a true believer and a long time holder...but at what point do you cash out? I've accepted that crypto isn't for me.
  13. me: Next time there's a pullback I'm gunna buy some of these sh*tsoins also me: The whole asset class pulled back >15% on no news. This stuff is all going to zero. rinse, repeat.
  14. I read it, don’t disagree with any of it fundamentally. Really comes down to “historical returns don’t predict future results”. Mike and I have done this dance before. Does the economic paradigm of 2008 and 1999 apply to now? Some of the bears El Arian, Jeremy and many others think it does and have been preaching this since 2012. They are very smart people and have data to back them up. Anyone following them will do fine as long as they remain invested. I think things are different this time (since GFC) and yes it makes my skin crawl to even say that but here we are.
  15. I’ll give it read- wouldn’t be surprised to see a correction this quarter. Especially when/as the world re-enters COVID lockdowns.
  16. Talking stools and tolland... seems quite fitting. Ba-da-boom
  17. That sounds amazing...maybe if we lived in Quebec City. My son is obsessed with snow removal...has anyone ever seen the Canadian operations on YouTube? Giant snowblowers on tractors etc...it’s impressive.
  18. I said ariens...but you’re right, although I’ve never had one. They are the Cadillac’s (Tesla’s) of snowblowers. Always wanted a tracked one: https://www.hardwarestore.com/brands/honda-snow-blower-28-g270-hss928aatd.html?ps=182&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI2vqZ3bCL7gIVGKSzCh0n-wRfEAQYBCABEgKb0PD_BwE seems so unnecessary yet very very necessary at the same time.
  19. My previous boss...was wondering if you were going to post it- ha.
  20. Arien’s- swear by it. Will prob leave mine to my kids...they are 3.5 and 1.5 for reference. I lived in Southie for 5 yrs: west 5th and e.
  21. Now that the dust has settled who can give me the cliff notes of what happened to the original banter thread? Who drove the bus over the cliff?
  22. I don’t want you to paint yourself into a corner but you had mentioned leaning unfavorable in feb. so realistically mid-month through end of month as the favorable period? Or have things changed re: feb?
  23. Early morning knife twisting, even tho all Mets had caution flags every which way....and had to edit the original post to do so, because his first attempt wasn’t quitttteeee enough. Or maybe he needs at least two tries to get anything right...Stay classy 2021- the year the troll gets his.
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