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  1. Dude was just gunna post- are the bills really gunna do this??
  2. I spend my time dealing with things called facts, and mathematical certainties. Like the below, which I can't believe I have actually have to do: Baseline: R= 1.1, Infections= 10,000, fatality risk= 0.8% generation time= 6 days so: 10,000*(1.1^5)*0.8=129 deaths after 1 month of spread. 50% Increase in fatality risk: only variable change is 0.8%*1.5, all others baseline= 193 new deaths 50% Increase in transmission. Only variable change is now (1.1*1.5)^5= 978 new deaths over the month. There is a whole class of people playing down the virus because it fits their twisted worldview. Hope that’s not you, man.
  3. Can we cross reference those that think the new variants aren’t a big deal because they are not more deadly, with their math aptitude? This feels like “it’s just the flu” but even more dumb and dangerous if that’s possible.
  4. The Oxford- AstraZeneca trial was garbage. Combining data from different countries, the dosage fiasco etc...AstraZeneca really f-ing blew it. On multiple multiple levels, including with the FDA. Really shameful tbh.
  5. churchs, and anywhere indoors for periods of time greater than 10-15 mins, are huge huge risks regardless of population density. Does your congregation do mass online?
  6. It’s a new more contagious variant... will the vaccine work? The science is still out.
  7. In mass some headroom yes. I was talking about u.s. hospitalizations as a whole plateauing...really hope our educated population and healthcare bent help us weather this locally better than others. Going to be a depressing few months ahead on the COVID front.
  8. Ya you’re right. Some epidemiologist said something like hospitalization per some number of cases or something is better to look at. because what you’re saying is right, the leveling off may be more a function of a significantly stressed medical system. I.e. people who should be hospitalized aren’t because there is no room.
  9. The 1.5mm a day is key...really need to get things ramped up quickly. interesting to see hospitalizations maybe, sort of, possibly leveling off... fingers crossed.
  10. Just to be clear they are not shifting to a single dose which is what the UK is doing. The feds are saying that should the production supply chain continue to hold up, there is no need to reserve the second dose for those already receiving their first. There will be reserves of course in case of a contaminated batch...just want to clear that up.
  11. this may answer the age old question...if you put 3 of the most unlikable/egomaniacal superstars on one team, will you get a championship?
  12. Ya and I was all about giving him the benefit of the doubt about how things ended in Cleveland. Couldn’t have been more wrong. i saw that headline but didn’t click. I mean what did these people do in their prior lives to deserve that torment? Seriously??
  13. Thoughts on Kyrie? Thank god he’s not still here...rarely can you truly say someone is a team cancer but...yikes
  14. Ya I may have led you there so apologies. Certainly an interesting article- I hadn’t seen it, thanks for posting it.
  15. Remember only the best and brightest. you are right tho...what’s their endgame? Can they put this on their CV’s or something? Maybe just more disinformation... once this type of crap is out there it’s tough to put it back in the bottle as we’ve seen. conspiracy theory: they were instructed it’d be ok or to do it without approval. I have zero evidence whatsoever. Lol
  16. Is it a fail tho? Clearly they had to know this work would never be published under the official seal in the new administration (or this one obviously) and hopefully any administration in the future ...so they did it anyway on a non-govt site. Mission accomplished.
  17. Other than personally buying a phosphate mine (someday) count me out of all commodity related businesses as a general rule.
  18. In his defense I think it’s been fairly broad. I don’t play at all in the space but I wonder what some of the individual co’s look like? Shale was terrible to the point we started looking at systemic risks from their bankruptcies on regional banks pre COVID. Talk about misplaced concerns. I bet there are some crazy big #’s in there.
  19. Dude I was just joking around. You’re absolutely correct, the oil move has been ridiculous since the lows.
  20. Doubt you could even borrow it to sell it short. Imagine being on the other side of that trade? lol i think they have like 2 employees or something ridiculous.
  21. Politics aside, when you look at anti- trust issues across tech it’s really that tailrisk that should keep people and their QQQ holdings up at night. And rightfully so.
  22. Or buy SIGL at open this morning and cash 1000% in less than a day. Bonkers
  23. Ya I mean maybe...I’m skeptical. You guys see ‘The Social Dilemma’? It was overly simplistic and cartoonish at times but the point the film made was stark. When you engage in dishonest and predatory business practices karma has a way of coming around the block.
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