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January 13-14 Ski Season Savior


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2 hours ago, dryslot said:
NOUS41 KCAR 131814

Public Information Statement
National Weather Service Caribou ME
114 PM EST Fri Jan 13 2023


Location                     Amount    Time/Date       Provider


...Aroostook County...
Grand Isle                   17.0 in   1120 AM 01/13   Public
1 E Limestone                16.0 in   0109 PM 01/13   Trained Spotter
New Sweden                   16.0 in   1230 PM 01/13   Public
3 W Stockholm                16.0 in   1100 AM 01/13   Public
2 N Washburn                 16.0 in   1030 AM 01/13   Public
Stockholm                    15.0 in   1245 PM 01/13   Public
Limestone                    15.0 in   1228 PM 01/13   Trained Spotter
Perham                       14.0 in   1030 AM 01/13   Public
1 N Caribou                  12.4 in   1215 PM 01/13   Official NWS Obs
Westfield                    12.0 in   1000 AM 01/13   Public

...Washington County...
Brookton                     5.0 in    1100 AM 01/13   Public
Princeton                    3.0 in    1041 AM 01/13   Public

FVE had 1/2 mile vis in SN at 4 PM.  The "20 inches in the SJV" had legs.

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36 minutes ago, alex said:

Ended up as a net gainer here, which I wasn't expecting. Didn't melt very much during the day, although it became VERY water logged. Back to snow now. Actually not a bad base for the ski area, after all. 

Yeah definitely more snowpack than before the system.

Down here in the valley at 750ft there’s 3-4” of absolute concrete now.

It’s not deep winter but this stuff has like 1”+ water now frozen in it for 3-4”.  It’s gonna stick around.

Its a very November vibe after a mixed event with dense net gain.  Not deep winter, but it’s winter.



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14 minutes ago, powderfreak said:

Definitely feeling like a win after bracing for 7-10 days of grass.  We keep finding ways in a shitty winter to keep the grass covered, some snowbanks, etc.

Yes. And the sticky snow that’s falling tonight really changes the vibe - the trees look really pretty. Great for those coming up for the weekend. 


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2 hours ago, tamarack said:

FVE had 1/2 mile vis in SN at 4 PM.  The "20 inches in the SJV" had legs.

That area really had been modeled the last few days to remain all snow so no surprised it verified there, The wedge performed as it usually does but is never modeled well so that's where knowledge of climo takes over for us.

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