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Interior NW & NE Burbs 2022


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What a glorious morning!  Woke up to fog between 1/4-1/2 mile visibility.  When I left the house and drove into the office the sun was shining through the fog, lighting up the fields of green and foliage that just getting going.  By the time I got into Goshen the fog had already mixed out revealing deep blue skies.  Just a gem of a morning kicking off a fantastic weather day, 47/46 currently at home.

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40 minutes ago, Juliancolton said:

From all the pictures I've seen, it looks like a great year for foliage in upstate NY and NNE. Their comparatively wetter summer really helped things along.

Of course it is, on a year i cant get up there at all. 

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19 hours ago, IrishRob17 said:

I know there were trees that dropped their leaves early from the drought but the ones that kept their leaves are looking pretty good this year in these parts. 

This has really become evident in my hood over the last 24 hours. Some spots look the nicest in quite a while.

Foliage will do whatever it wants, apparently.

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44 minutes ago, Juliancolton said:

71/45 under blue skies with tufts of wispy cirrus. A breeze keeps the sun from getting too warm on the face, and carries a smattering of red leaves to the ground with every gust. Songs will be sung of this day. 

Bravo Julian …. Poet Laureate material. As always …..

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