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  1. Correction. Snowing to beat the band. Instant coating.
  2. Nothing here as of yet. 24f. Winds ese. Gonna take the train into the city shortly.
  3. Totally unscientific but it seems to me, these pattern changes always take longer to come about than projected. I’m not getting my hopes up just yet.
  4. color me skeptical, but that's my nature. what a freaking boring weather period.
  5. Turned out beautiful. Croton reservoir is full again.
  6. .25” in the bucket and 60f, 60dp. Lovely day for ....I don’t know what.
  7. It was weird out. Felt good to get a ride in though.
  8. Pia to get to but if you’re into snow, prefer it dry and don’t need to stay on the mountain, it’s great. If u need any info, pm me. This will be my 6th trip to Nelson.
  9. I’m going to whitewater in a month. They have a settled snowpack of 95”.
  10. Sb reporting 4”. Nice squall.
  11. I got back last night from 10 days up in the MRV. Good reminder of what winter is supposed to be like.
  12. Snowed all morning on the hill. Pretty windy early on. Everything was blown off the trails. Woods were good.
  13. Yeah, I don’t know. They reported 4” at 4pm and the cams both have 4”. I’m eyeballing 3” down in the valley. We’ll see tomorrow morning.