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  1. Rain sensor back online. .01” in the bucket.
  2. I noticed that too. When I left the house at 8, there were some leaves down and a few small branches, but I was expecting a lot more.
  3. Bucket malfunction, but it’s definitely raining.
  4. I'm no arborist, but I'm pretty sure there will be a shit ton of leaves down this time tomorrow. Gutters cleaned, check. storm drain cleaned, check. spare propane tank for grill filled, check. I'm ready. bring it on. caveat, I think my rain sensor isn't functioning.
  5. The maples surrounding my backyard turned yellow, but muted by brown. back at the dam yesterday for reference.
  6. I’d say shitty, but we’ll know soon enough. In my backyard, the maples aren’t producing. There is some yellow sporadically but even that is dull. Japanese maple hasn’t turned yet and neither have the oaks.
  7. Not much color at the croton dam. Mostly green except from some areas of drab brown
  8. 46f here already. Laid a fire in the stove for tomorrow morning.
  9. You can do Lincoln peak on a powde r day but you really have to know how to play it. I start off the on the super bravo, then head over to heavens gate starting on the trails and then into paradise woods. Do laps there for a couple hours, then head over to north lynx via the gate house. Then go through the woods to castlerock where the lift line is generally manageable by that time. If it’s not, head back up north lynx to slidebrook and take the bus on German flats either back to Lincoln peak or over to mt Ellen. i think the issues with the northridge quad were resolved a few seasons ago after a particularly bad winter when they replaced the electronics on the lift. Also, Vermont adaptive is planning a big addition to the base lodge at mount Ellen which will result in a significant expansion of the public areas too. Not sure when that is due to happen.
  10. Crickets. I picked up a whopping .06" the other day to bring the monthly total to to 1.06". Trails are bone dry. Been noticing a large volume of acorns, for what that's worth. Its really been a pleasure having the windows open and ac off in the house.
  11. Its still called Black Diamond. Great narrow steep rocky trail.
  12. I'm at an even inch for the month so far.