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  1. For the record, 87/72 at 10pm. Disgusting.
  2. There was a bad fire around bear mtn about 10-15 years ago that burned almost down to the river. I remember it smelled awful for days. Trees are just starting to grow back. I got .2” yesterday.
  3. Sunset on the Hudson near Nyack on Tuesday evening.
  4. got a quarter inch last night for a monthly total of 2.65".
  5. Got .01” last night. Getting there.
  6. doing quite a bit better south of you all. I'm close to 2.5" for July.
  7. 4 times a day? I’m a bad gardener. Didn’t plant much this year. 5 tomato plants. They get watered for a few minutes every 3-4 days. They must hate me.
  8. I just went out for lunch on E. Tremont and the asphalt is starting to melt
  9. 1.37” so far. Looks like this set will miss me south.
  10. .47”. Caught another ts at about 2:30. Completely ruined afternoon outdoor activities which i kind of needed.
  11. It’s raining. .02” in the hopper.
  12. Tree leaf drip sounds like the name of a band.
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