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  1. almost half an inch in the bucket.
  2. Whenever I try to sharpen the chain, I feel like I’m making it worse. The local lawnmower repair place does it right for a modest fee. Not quite a half inch between yesterday and today. I put some grass seed down but I’m afraid it’s too cold.
  3. It was dumping this morning. There’s was plenty of snow up top. Conditions underneath the fresh were variable. Some funky spots.
  4. https://vtskiandride.com/new-ski-area-forecasting-program-vt-observatory/
  5. BTV more optimistic. Gives you a foot at the summit. 8" at mt ellen. https://www.weather.gov/btv/mountain_enhanced?loc=MOUNT MANSFIELD
  6. my p&c up to 4-10. let it ride. If I can score another powder day or 2, I'll be more than satisfied with this winter skiing wise.
  7. not to mention january and february.
  8. Totally anecdotal, but I’ve heard there haven’t been any ear infections in the kids either. top ten day today.
  9. That’s how I’m thinking. Below average season weather wise but the skiing was fantastic for 2 months straight. There’s something to be said for consistent powder surface to ski on. Can’t remember a stretch without a thaw like we had this year. skied killington today and it was firm as expected.
  10. Sounds like some of you are talking as if winter is done. Was it over when the germans bombed pearl harbour?