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  1. For the record, pics from croton reservoir yesterday at dusk.
  2. My maples are muted yellow. Oaks haven’t turned yet neither has the Japanese maple which is always the last to go.
  3. I don't think there are going to be a lot of day trippers regardless of the quarantine situation. First of all, day passes will be limited and require advance purchase. That eliminates a big segment of the day tripper population. I doubt there will be any bus trips at all. Can't imagine any school or organization dealing with a ski trip when they have their hands full otherwise. and groups looking to party more than ski won't be booking trips if the lodges/bars are closed. Maybe i'm wrong (caveat-I thought this thing would be under control by now), but I think its going to be passholders skiing for the most part.
  4. from your mouth to gods ears. I was gazing wistfully at my snow board last night.
  5. added another tenth of an inch overnight.
  6. .46” here. Steady rain all day in the Bronx. Water pooling on the highway up to 287 then abruptly cut off with dry roadway north.
  7. It’s my fault, I neglected the gutters today. I did get a battery electric pole saw. Luv it. Went to town pruning. No limb within 15’ of the ground is sage.
  8. Jungle habitat was big thing back in the day. The parking lots are massive.
  9. Check out the old jungle habitat. That place was abandoned in the 80s and is downright spooky.
  10. I was on the Hudson today and the foliage was green with a little muted brown. Not exactly picture perfect.