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  1. I don’t think the SB number was updated from this morning. My son measured 5” this morning at 1500’ and said there was at least a foot above 2500’
  2. .8” here. 41/40. The worst of both worlds.
  3. I'll ride the gfs which currently has me at about 4" for saturday and another couple for monday.
  4. If you want to make yourself feel better, take a look at the '06-'07 season. Brutal torch december into january, modest improvement in the latter parts of january early february, then the vday bonanza followed by st. pattys day and easter dumps.
  5. 'nothing we haven't seen many times before, unfortunately. Now if we could just get these damn mountains up to about 10k feet, we'd be in a much better place.
  6. We have yet to begun to fight. things do look bleak atm, but that's just because we havent had a real prolific period which usually happens at some point. Whether it happens in January, february or march, who knows, but chances are it happens. and then there's mud season. hang in there.
  7. I hate cutters more than most everyone, damn them all to hell, but I've learned to accept that they are a fact of life. Certainly won't be the last we see of them this season.
  8. I might be mistaken but things are looking up for this weekend. snow-forecast.com, which I believe is based on the GFS, now has SB at 8" for friday night into saturday. Almost 10" for Stowe.
  9. Caught this in croton while running errands.
  10. It’s good. Really very pleasant out today. Wish we were seeing some more snow in the forecast.
  11. I have my heart set on something above 1500’ in the mrv but was just talking/joking with a friend about British Columbia. They get a lot of snow. Consistently. That would be something.
  12. 26f and snowing again. Solid dusting In The last half hour.
  13. Skied lp today. Perfect snow, just what the doctor ordered. Don’t think we got any sleet but we did get some freezing rain for the briefest of times at least where I was at 3-4K. 2 lifts went on wind hold at about 1:30. Champlain valley totally socked in the other day.
  14. 29f snowing. Eyeballing 3”+.