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  1. NNE Winter Thread

    Eerily similar to last year. But last year at this time, you couldn’t haven’t predicted Stella. Im off to bc in the morning, hoping things improve when I get back.
  2. whatever. I dont care about the name so much as being thankful that I no longer have to travel over that old pos bridge. big improvement even now with only the one span open.
  3. 2/1-2/18 Wave

    All rain in croton on hudson.
  4. NNE Winter Thread

    Snowing on Lincoln peak webcams. Solid half inch.
  5. The 2017-18 Ski Season Thread

    not too early. I'm headed to BC and am wondering the same thing.
  6. NNE Winter Thread

    All is well with the boots. No issues. They are really light. Need new skis too but that will wait till the off season.
  7. NNE Winter Thread

    Ended up getting the salomon qst pro 130. Fingers crossed. Test drive tomorrow.
  8. NNE Winter Thread

    It comes with our business (you’re a trial lawyer, iirc?). agreed. I was skiing woods with great base and snow Xmas time. That is rare. And they were in great shape. And we’ve had one thaw as of 1/18, that is remarkable in and of itself. as far as boots, either the Nordica strider or Salomon qst. They’re both alpine boots with walk mode. I skin maybe a couple of times a year if I’m lucky, ( I’m no jspin) so wanted the capability but more important I’m not giving up anything downhill. Not easy getting boots especially when u live 250 miles from the bootfitter and I have relatively big feet that is very limited stock. I had to have them order these over the holidays and they just came in. Need to break them in and get them right before heading out to bc for presidents week. Fwiw- I was in the boot shop before New Years when it was super cold and guy came in with a new pair of atomics where the plastic split. They said they had gotten a bunch of them like that. I’ve never seen anything like. The plastic completely cracked and failed.
  9. NNE Winter Thread

    you've been a little glass half empty recently. I'm thankful for anything that isnt 40+ and r%^&n. heading up this afternoon to get new ski boots and break them in. doesnt happen often but getting new boots is fraught with anxiety for me.
  10. Nothing doing here in croton either. 32f.
  11. NNE Winter Thread

    This all very disheartening. We build again. On the bright side, I noticed that sugarbush added a mid mountain snow cam at 3125’ to the summit one. 2 fer.
  12. The 2017-18 Ski Season Thread

    thanks for the info.
  13. The 2017-18 Ski Season Thread

    fair to assume the same prognosis for northern VT? fwiw-both snowforecast.com and snow-forecast.com were showing big snows for saturday as of this morning.
  14. Drove from croton into the Bronx this morning and it was not horrible. Came back at 11:30 and it was the worst conditions I can remember in years. Roads were bad and the visibility nill. I just got new winter tires on the truck so I was ok, but most everyone was struggling. snow growth here is pretty poor but it’s dumping. Guesstimating 6” otg.