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  1. Hitman

    NNE Winter Thread

    So glad to be back up in the north country. 0.5f In Warren.
  2. Hitman

    NNE Winter Thread

    don't jinx us. While you've been prancing around the picnic tables, I've been slaving away down at the coast. hope to be up friday.
  3. Hitman

    NNE Fall Thread

    Great shots. i do miss eyewalls drone pics.
  4. Hitman

    NNE Fall Thread

    shout out to this thread in the washington post today.
  5. That sounds about right. My wife is from Rockville center and was doing same.
  6. Hitman

    NNE Fall Thread

    Wow, hard to believe they did that on purpose with the chairs on.
  7. Hitman

    The 2018-2019 Ski Season Thread

    I’ve skied whitewater extensively and red once last year. The former is like mrg. Great terrain, minimal infrastructure. Steep nicely spaced trees. Also, it gets significantly more snow than red on average despite their proximity. Red is more of a resort. More lifts, more groomers, but also some great terrain. nelson is an awesome city. Pm me if u have any questions.
  8. Hitman

    NNE Fall Thread

    I just checked wh2o and they’re reporting 95” of snow with a settled depth of 45”. So pretty comparable.
  9. Hitman

    NNE Fall Thread

    I’m no lift mechanic, but that ain’t right.
  10. Hitman

    NNE Fall Thread

    Someone on alpine zone said that sb got 56” in that November storm in ‘90 and then it was gone within days.
  11. Hitman

    11/27 - Everything and the Kitchen Sink Obs

    did that guy report like a 48" total last season? I seem to remember a picture with snow to the top of a door.
  12. Hitman

    NNE Fall Thread

    November to remember.
  13. Hitman

    NNE Fall Thread

    Exciting stuff. Reading through the afd, with the flow after the storm, it seems there could be more than 2’ when all is said and done.
  14. My wife has banned that word from the house. We were up in the berkshires for the day. It was legit cold. Happy turkey day.