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  1. and its a good thing they have that 50-100" color, because you know, the day after tomorrow is coming.
  2. wow! you guys are killing it. I'm counting on this week to set me up for xmas week in SB. They need a major catch up event. thinking with the westerly flow wednesday night should be good for them. There always seems to be one early season upslope event that they get lucky in.
  3. about 2”+ of fluff on all but paved surfaces. Nothing much sticking to even untreated roadways. Coming down light to moderate with medium size flakes.
  4. Coming down good now in croton. Down to 33.6f. Unpaved surfaces coated.
  5. Just started here in croton on Hudson. 35f.
  6. John is a great guy. He was instrumental in getting both my kids really into skiing. And he is doing unbelievable work expanding the mountain biking trails in the MRV.
  7. it just burns me that people think that Jay gets like twice as much snow as anyone else in the east. and I'm not talking about gapers. I'm talking about real VT skiers. My wifes cousin has skied regularly at Okemo for about 25 years and swears that Jay gets 500"/year. Its crazy. meanwhile, I was talking to a guy who goes regularly from LI to Jay for the weekend. That's f...ing nuts. My drive to SB is 4.5 and thats pretty crazy, but 7 from LI, wow.
  8. right? I want to be there, either place, now. what you see in the background on the right is Ymir Peak which is some pretty incredible sidecountry terrain. The cam is on their new summit quad which replaced the original double chair this summer. funny, the difference in revenue between a ski resort and a place like whitewater.
  9. and fwiw, Whitewater added a summit cam (on their new lift) this season to their already excellent snow stake cam. Note the snow stake isnt there until they open 12/9. https://www.skiwhitewater.com/Ski-ride/conditions/webcams
  10. I dont disagree that they get the most snow in the east. But I also believe they exaggerate their totals. we've been monitoring Jspins reporting of the VT resort snowfall reports for how many years now (I forget whether he did so back on eastern) and there have been more than a few times when Jay has posted highly suspect numbers. And anecdotal observations from various people have found the same thing. The difference between Kton and sb from last year is skewed by the fact that SB was using the snow stake early in the season for the summit measurement until they acknowledged that it was less than accurate. I mean, 100" difference can happen in a season, but there's no way I believe that Stowe averages 310" and Jay is over 400".
  11. Gee, I can't imagine why Jay wouldnt put a snowcam that could reliably verify the incredible snowfall they report.
  12. The calm before the storm. patience.
  13. Oh yeah, I was just having a little fun. I wouldn’t even bother putting my balaclava over my mouth. Boy, I can’t wait for a powder day. It’s been a long time since Stella. My sons studying for the semester in Europe and caught knee deep powder in Innsbruck this weekend. Steuben glacier ftw.
  14. Tug hill?
  15. You might be on to something. Think we can get something to market before this upcoming pattern makes Stella look like a dusting? My daughter has one them 3D printers at school.