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  1. That 34" in btv was not so productive on the east side of the spine. Iirc, it was a blocked flow and only about 6" on the eastern slopes.
  2. In my experience at sugarbush over the last decade, weather variability aside, you have a much greater chance of more of the trails being open at the beginning of january then before christmas. There simply is more time to make snow. sure, some might say there's more time for a cutter to damn it all to hell, but usually by MLK all snow making trails are open regardless of the weather situation, whereas before christmas, not so much.
  3. Never noticed a size issue.
  4. Lol! I've been waiting for the right weather to come up. and waiting and waiting. Keep the pictures coming. they are great.
  5. Speaking of ca water, have any of you been following the oroville dam situation? That is crazy what they have done since the spillway failed. They removed 1.6m cubic yards of debris in a matter of weeks so they could get the hydroelectric plant running. And now they're running the spillway so they can drain the lake enough to start working on the new spillway in hopes of getting it mostly done by November.
  6. Sweet. Did the iPad do that? That doggie gets around. ive never been skiing in Europe, but my son is going to the Netherlands next semester, so may have to make the trip.
  7. I didn't do anything. Apparently the iPad has this new function where it autonomously makes these slideshows. I just went to look at the photos and it was there with some music options. Too funny that I coincidentally took pictures of the snow board with your daughters dog on it. Small world.
  8. was never able to post the pics, but here's the video montage of BC trip.
  9. my son has been doing that from binghamton to killington and mt snow. brutal. better him than me. Not a big fan of the bus for anything, let alone a 5 hour trip.
  10. I've been following the weather/snow for interior bc, and I dont think they had more than one day at the mountain elevations above freezing since december before this week. not freezing cold, but amazingly consistent below freezing.
  11. maybe better skiing, but what I was trying to get at was that it was less interesting/exciting weather tracking. This season kept the audience.
  12. I don't know from stats, but felt like a b+/a- winter for me. I got my 12 powder days (I know that may pale in comparison to some of you, but no small feat for living 30 miles from NYC while fully employed). The weather was active so there was some good events to track making it interesting. It was a long duration season with good snow in early December through late march/early April. Only negatives were the 2 thaw periods, but in my mind that's almost inevitable in the northeast. 2 seasons ago avoided the thaws but saw much lower snowfall. Plus, eyewall finally got off the schneid, so that's worth a extra notch!
  13. 155" at the base and 237" mid.
  14. Looking good for upslope tonight, no?
  15. No question your measurements at 3k' are more accurate than what sb is putting up for 4k'. And the snow cam at that elevation has issues, some of which have been addressed, but still not all, especially now that it's back in hole. But it is what it is, and it's not unreasonable to report a few more inches at 4K than 3k. Maybe it's more like to 2" than 4", but what the heck, its not for scientific purposes, and for skiing it doesn't really matter whether it's 15 or 17".