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  1. Got only .25” here yesterday. Helpful but hoping for some more this afternoon.
  2. I’ll have to check that out. There’s a ton of lakes by us and of course the hudson to paddle. The croton river is just so convenient and easy for me. It’s navigable from where it meets the hudson at the train station for about a mile and a half where there’s an island. I’d say there isn’t a day when I don’t see at least 20 other kayaks or sups. they’ve been managing the water level in the reservoir ever since they got a new Automated valve system a few years ago. I don’t know what the strategy is behind it but last season early on, they were doing the same thing. The water was so freakin cold that you couldn’t swim in it. People complained to the town, which has a beach and swimming hole further upriver, and I think I heard that it was a part of an attempt to control some invasive vegetation in the river.
  3. Interesting micro climate situation this afternoon. I went kayaking on the croton river around 4pm. The temp on the car thermometer read 95f. Because of the recent dry spell, the water level at the dam is below the spillway, so the only water feeding the river, is what’s being released from the bottom of the reservoir. Freezing cold water. In the gorge, the air temperature at the surface must have been at least 25 degrees cooler, if not more. It was almost chilly.
  4. It was in the low 80s in the Catskills, and I got rained on while paddle boarding. Just a passing shower. Felt good.
  5. Thanks. All good at the moment. Rode Wyndham high peaks this morning. Nice trails. Dry.
  6. We were due for some good weather, April and May were brutal, but this is ridiculous. So nice. Eating outside on the deck it doesn’t get much better (a good blizzard is better). And, I was able to get my bike fixed Saturday. Things are looking up.
  7. round 3 in the books. an additional .17"
  8. That's ok. You are in Metuchen.
  9. well, good for them. We got ours already.
  10. yeah that was a soaker. Up to 1.4" on the day, 1.05" of it in that last pulse.
  11. Meh. At least it washed away the pollen.