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  1. How'd you like Nelson?
  2. Having trouble posting pics. Hopefully when I get back. nelson is an awesome place for a skier. Not your typical small mountain ski town, big from its days as a commercial center during the gold rush. Great food and real skiers from all over the world hitting the various cat and heli ski operations as well as whitewater. Funky vibe. Some of the guys rented skis from a bike shop in town which stayed open late so we could pick them up. Brought beers and they had an impromptu cocktail party in the shop to kick off the stay. we didn't get dumped on quantity wise but 3" one day, 6" next, then 5" of light dry powder even though it was rain in the valley. It was deep and consistent. Didnt make it to red mountain since it is lower elevation and the conditions were reportedly not as good as whitewater. I really can't begin to describe how great whitewater is. The trees and steeps are amazing.
  3. Agreed. But he does that regularly with issues effecting the resort or valley. I think, don't know this, that they have a big exposure from Burlington area residents who buy season tickets currently at sugarbush because it's somewhat cheaper than Stowe. I've met many on the lifts over the years. That epic pass could swing many of them to Stowe. The weekend warrior crew won't switch because of a $200 difference in pass price. You also have to understand that sugarbush is a much smaller operation than Stowe is in terms of revenue. They may be comparable in terms of skiing terrain but that's another matter. fwiw- can't upload photos from my ipad for some reason, but it is great out here in the kooteneys. Deep dry powder. Rain in town while snow at base elevation which is about 5k. Staying at hotel in downtown Nelson filled with skiers from all over the world.
  4. We're at the Hume till Friday. Totally lucked out. Conditions have been stellar.
  5. Whitewater. Nelson, bc. Epic day
  6. I've skied presidents week at sugarbush for last 15 years, albeit never in conditions quiet as good as these. Saturday and Sunday are the worst, Monday is considerably better and the remainder of the week, even better. My wife and daughter skied today and while the lodge and parking lots were full, there were no lift lines. We've discussed this previously, but if all the lift are running and the woods open for business as they are, lift lines shouldn't be much of an issue.
  7. Sb reporting 5" at the base, 10" up top.
  8. Pics are awesome.
  9. was contemplating driving up yesterday. glad I didnt.
  10. congrats!
  11. Check out the snow cam for the last 2 hours. Crazy snow and wind. Can't even make out the stake.
  12. Toggling back in forth between snow mix and frezzing rain, now some rain too. 3" otg.
  13. Giant flakes coming down here. This will stack up quickly.