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  1. I don't know if this qualifies as an interesting weather situation or not but figured I'd post it in case anyone wants to check it out. I go kayaking and paddling on the croton river which runs from the dam to the hudson where they meet at the metro north station. For whatever reason the DEP has been and continues to release water from the bottom of the reservoir, as opposed to allowing the warmer surface waters to spill over. This water is extremely cold. I was told the temperature of the water where the river becomes navigable is at 48f. way too cold to swim. So cold in fact, that fog forms in spots. The air, at least right above the water in the gorge is a good 20 degrees less than the surrounding air temperature. yesterday paddling through the fog was like out of a horror movie.
  2. Hitman

    NNE Summer Thread

    The water was really warm at blueberry lake and the mad river in Warren. It was great. Stay in the water forever and then when you get out, no need to dry off. Felt great. Was a tad warm/humid biking but I avoided heat stroke, so all good.
  3. I’m in Warren and the ac was totally necessary before the dews came down yesterday.
  4. Hitman

    NNE Summer Thread

    interesting stuff. https://www.weather.gov/btv/June-18-2018-Severe-Weather-Review-Including-the-Waitsfield-VT-Wet-Microburst
  5. Hitman

    NNE Summer Thread

    looks like Hawaii
  6. Hitman

    The 2017-18 Ski Season Thread

    +1. Only go to a master bootfitter who will work with you for hours. Most important thing you can do to be able to enjoy skiing.
  7. Hitman

    NNE Winter Thread

    7" on lincoln peak summit cam, while only an inch on the mid mountain cam. fwiw-they are only running the valley house lift this weekend so no upper mountain lifts.
  8. Hitman

    NNE Winter Thread

    One of the best spring skiing days of my life. Woods skied great and the snow was soft but not slushy.
  9. Hitman

    NNE Winter Thread

    2" on the sb summit cam
  10. Hitman

    NNE Winter Thread

    per btv Current snow depth atop Mt Mansfield is 90 inches, thinking by Friday we have a good chance to hit 100 inches again, which should provide excellent late season skiing and riding conditions for people like myself looking to earn their turns. Guess I should gas up the truck.
  11. Hitman

    NNE Winter Thread

    Sb reported 5” last night. Tomorrow night looks promising. I’m so confused about the weekend.
  12. 4/2 and finally overperformed. 6” here.
  13. 3” here. Another negative bust.
  14. We need some love on the banks of the hudson. Last 3 storms (2-8-2) were not kind to us relatively.