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George BM

April Discobs 2020

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7 minutes ago, C.A.P.E. said:

I just realized.

Still feels like April. March even.

March was the longest year ever

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My numbers for the month of April, 2020

Averaged high was 61.7 degrees vs a normal of 66.5 degrees, a -4.8 below normal and the 4th coldest on record. The warmest day was the 8th with a 75.3 degree reading. Averaged low was 37.5 degrees vs a normal of 38.4 degrees, a -0.9 degrees below normal. The coolest reading was 28.8 degrees on the 20th. Overall average temp was 49.6 degrees vs a normal of 52.5 degrees, a -2.9 degrees below normal and 4th coolest behind 1997's 47.9, 1987's 49.1 and 2018's 49.2 degree averages.

Total rainfall for the month was 7.04 inches vs a normal of 3.30, a + 3.74 above average and falls into 2nd wettest April recorded, with only 2011's 7.12 inches beating it. Wettest day was the last (30th) with 2.19 inches falling. There were 21 days with measurable, 2 days with a 'T' and 7 dry days. Total snowfall for month was 0.2 inches vs a normal of 0.3 inches, a -0.1 below the normal. Biggest (and only measurable) was on the 11th with 0.2 inches. There was one day with measurable, 4 with a 'T' and 25 with no snow. Highest wind recorded for the month was 44 mph on the 22nd.

A record filled month, besides the above mentioned 4th coolest average high, the 4th overall averaged temp and the 2nd wettest April ever, the 2.19 inches of rain set a daily (30th) record, a new daily rainfall record set on 13th with 1.84 inches, the 0.2 inches of snow on the 11th set a record, as I had never recorded snowfall on that date since keeping records.  2 of the 'T' for snowfall were actually hail falling on consecutive days (8th and 9th), first time I'd ever recorded back to back hail days. Although not a kept record, I recorded 20 days with winds above 25 mph, and two of those topped 40 mph.

Overall a cool, wet and windy April! Records kept since October 1979.


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