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Central PA - February 2020

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33 minutes ago, Bubbler86 said:

Those charts they keep putting out are true met season only so they end next Saturday.  Not sure it matters and we can count anything we want.  A lot of stuff online is actually yearly totals of Jan 1 through Dec 31.  Will be interesting to see if they make a final standing post next Sunday. 

They tally snow for any given season up til June 30/31, and then from July 1 onward will count toward the next winter (20-21 in the present case). Obviously it's extremely unlikely to snow from late spring to early fall (although some PA sites have had measurable snow recorded in every month) but that's how the season snowfall charts that CTP has on their site for IPT, UNV, MDT, etc are. Otherwise your tallying snowfall from two different winters going Jan 1-Dec 31, which isn't particularly useful info when winters can vary wildly year to year.

But yea, right now they're talking the meteorological winter months with snowfall records (DJF). There's 4 seasons so it's just divided evenly for each season (3 months per season). There's meteorological winter and there's also astronomical winter, which ranges from the winter solstice to the spring equinox (Dec 21-22 to March 21-22). At any rate, by the time we get to the beginning of April or whenever the pattern busts out into full fledged spring.. CTP will likely address whatever the totals are vs the records for the whole snow season. 

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5 hours ago, Itstrainingtime said:

Yep, I meant to say that and forgot. Thanks for participating. I find it interesting that you went 100% on measurable...that would normally seem safe and you'll forget more than I ever know, but looking at all the indices going forward it just looks awful.

Well I'll probably have the measurable covered by Thur/Fri when I get the usual BS coating to half an inch of LES/upslope behind that system whether it cuts or not. You only need 0.1" to qualify as "measurable" lol. My 30% chance of more than 3" can either illustrate a low likelihood given the pattern to see an event that delivers 3"+ and/or not enough cutters and backlash snow showers to get to 3 inches the rest of the winter. 

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