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  1. KALB came in wit 22.6". Beat the Xmas 2002 storm by an inch there. Biggest since the March 1993 Superstorm. Here I have had many 20"+ events such as 46" in 2/10, 24" on 3/14/17, 25" on 3/2/18, etc. But the airport is big snow challenged.
  2. Yeah I cleared about three times during the event. I measure on my open back deck and also have a board back in my vegetable garden area. 25" was the final. Sometimes it's very tough here with our wind, but little to no wind here while it snowed. A little breezy now and 20. Sun popped out.
  3. I remember it even though I was 5. Remember 'helping' my Dad clean the driveway and we had to abort our T-day at my grandmother's in Kingston as roads impassable. The city might have got wind, but any snow must have flipped to rain. We were marginal and supposed to turn over, but never did.
  4. That storm started more marginal at the start. I had some brief fzra in the mid Hudson where I was then before flipping quickly to +SN. But I'm gonna guess it tapped some pretty good air and phased because by late in the storm it was 20 or less.
  5. I'm good thanks. Just over at Pete's New England wx BB mostly. Back in the old days (pre-2006) I was living in Saugerties and posted on Hudson Valley or NYC Metro more.
  6. It started at 7F on early Sunday morning. Rose to about 22F by late evening at the end of round one/warm advection. Then slowly kept risging to 28 here (but I'm at 1k feet) then started dropping around dark and now 22..... Ended 2ish AM. 25" final total. Around here it pretty much equals the 11/25/1971 (Thanksgiving storm) for the earliest 2ft plus. But that's still got to be considered more impressive being a week earlier.
  7. 24" here now 23 miles west of KALB. Back edge bands clinging on here. A little more yet... But a very impressive band still over Albany aligned along the Hudson Valley down to as far as POU now. I think a bit east of here from Schenectady to southern Saratoga County will get some 30" spots because they are benefitting from that band now. Also maybe southeast of here in the eastern Helderberg hills some 30" spots.
  8. We've had a good number of big snowstorms out here this decade, but yeah in many cases KALB just underachieved.
  9. Irish girl (from Kilkenny) that cuts my hair almost gave me a crew cut last month. Finally looks decent but no blowing in the wind. Thanks all for the congrats.. Just luck.
  10. I measured 20.5 an hour ago, but since then it has dumped. Maybe 22 now? I'll measure after dinner. Best early season storm here since T-Day 1971. We only got 4" here from that pre-Halloween storm earlier in the decade.
  11. Snow continues. Still good banding. 21.5" measured west southwest of Schenectady. 29 hours now....
  12. Snow continues here west southwest of Schenectady. 29 hours now.... 21.5" measured.
  13. It's more to do with the residual heat in the ground.
  14. But that combined with the residual Fall heat in the ground, especially in a place like Manhattan. Well I had that situation here earlier n November, but we went into this event solidly frozen.