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  1. Logan11

    March 12/13/14 Blizzard/Winter Storm/WWA etc

    Congrats Ray! You hit the jackpot. :)
  2. Logan11

    March 12/13/14 Blizzard/Winter Storm/WWA etc

    About 5.5 inches out here. Light snow with some good moderate bursts when I get under a band. 30 degrees. Far from the coastal storm, but doing ok.
  3. The Blizzard of '88 was talked about a lot in my family - of Brooklyn at the time. My grandfather was born almost 9 months to the day of the Blizzard in December 1888. and my grandmother was born in 1894. She lives up into her 80's so I knew her when I was a kid and heard plenty of blizzard stories passed on by her parents.
  4. I suppose the inch of qpf they generate out here for me is sort of from a quasi Norlun.
  5. Interaction with the upper low seems to be very generous even well out west. Model Consensus s .9" to 1.1" qpf even here in the Helderbergs.
  6. Fortunately for a lot of you outside of southeast NE the Euro isn't much of a king anymore. It could jump back west at 0Z. For here it still has .5" from the IVT and convergence and that's all I'm ever getting so it's good.
  7. There's some kind of convergence or IVT way out over me on all models. The GFS is utra generous with 1" of qpf. I'm cautious in believing such goodness with a low way out at 40/70 (or a bit east) but looks like there might be some validity to it.
  8. Ive had 37" in the last 9 days and 21-22 actually on the ground now. Course a few days in there early last week hit upper 30's.
  9. I have to wonder if the prolific IVT into Eastern NY is going to be for real. A lot of models have it and .5" to .75" type qpf here. But model IVT magic often evaporates as the event approaches. No direct banding will ever get this far west so it's IVT or nothing, probably the same for western NE unless it trends closer to the coast.
  10. I've certainly cashed in here. 24" in mid March last year and 25" a week ago. But prior to that I guess the last 20+" event here in March was 1993.
  11. 10 or 12 inches in mid March would have been considered a crushing before the generation that experienced such a large cluster of KU storms.
  12. It looked like it was heading for a good solution until it lost the southern energy way out after Hour 54. It was a very GFS-like solution.
  13. Logan11

    March or BUST! - Pattern & Model Discussion

    My total bill for tree removal over the last few years in Saugerties must be at 3k+. Wipeout of all the ash trees by the Emerald Ash Borer and a bonanza for the tree removal guys.
  14. Logan11

    March or BUST! - Pattern & Model Discussion

    Let's go 75 miles west.