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  1. February is upon us - pattern change is in order

    At the very least the next few weeks should be fun to track! If this one does not workout for some appears the the first half of March could provide a few chances we will see!
  2. The Revs quick Flip Frozen Freakshow

    Up in York Maine got this pic earlier today!
  3. February is upon us - pattern change is in order

    From a weenie point of view looking through the northeast snowstorms book seems like some big dogs have come when the NAO transitions as some have mentioned.
  4. February is upon us - pattern change is in order

  5. Blizzard of '78

    Looking forward to this Saturday! Anyone want to meet up after?
  6. January 29/30 snow event

    Hoping for a few inches here. As many have said probably a nowcast deal, we will see.
  7. Remembering the Blizzard of 2005

  8. Remembering the Blizzard of 2005

    I have a bunch of discos and images of this storm. It was the best birthday present I ever got. We got blasted in Scituate pretty good. I just remember while plowing how damn cold it was. Here is a post from BOX the morning of the 23rd. URGENT - WINTER WEATHER MESSAGE National Weather Service Taunton MA 846 AM EST Sun Jan 23 2005 The blizzard of 2005 is now in progress across parts of coastal Southern New England, as those in Massachusetts and Rhode Island endure a storm comparable to the blizzard of 78. This storm is now blasting Eastern Massachusetts, northeast Connecticut and Rhode Island in all its fury with whiteout conditions, temperatures plummeting into the single numbers and teens, northeast to north winds of 50 to 70 mph creating drifts to at least 6 feet, in exposed areas. Travel is not recommended until sometime late today or tomorrow, to give crews which in some cases May have stopped clearing roads for safety reasons, an opportunity to clear roads later today when the storm starts moving away. The storm at 8 AM was still located about 50 miles east southeast of Nantucket and will end up dumping about 16 to 24 inches of snow in the Connecticut River Valley, 20 to 30 inches from Manchester and Nashua New Hampshire through Worcester and Rhode Island. The jackpot will be Eastern Massachusetts where 28 to 38 inch amounts will be common. Nantucket Will end up with less snow because of its warmer conditions and closer proximity to the storm center but blizzard conditions will arrive there this morning. This is likely to be a record setting snowstorm in Boston when comparing against data, dating back to 1892. For Providence this should be a top 3 snow event. The 7 AM reports of 17.8 inches at providences TF Green airport and 19.8 inches at Bostons Logan airport makes this the 6th worst snowstorm in Southeastern New England Interstate 95 history dating back to at least 1905, and heading for at least top 3 ranking by days end. Blizzard or near blizzard conditions will occur along the coast and high terrain this morning and then gradually recede to only the immediate coast during the afternoon. This is a potentially life threatening situation for those who venture out during the height of the storm this morning. Again, travel is not recommended until late today. If you leave the safety of being indoors, you are putting your life at risk.
  9. Blizzard of '78

    Brian! Long time follower of the forum. Great group on here that I have learned a great deal from. Hopefully we can be tracking some threats at that point in time.
  10. Blizzard of '78

    I will be there with my father should be a good take! Looking forward to meeting a few of you folks.
  11. Feb 8th Monster Ocean storm obs and hallucinations

    Minot Beach in Scituate also a good spot!
  12. Feb 8th Monster Ocean storm obs and hallucinations

    If you can find your way to Atlantic Ave it is a road that runs right along the shore and will bring you into Cohasset, has some elevated sections. If you could make your way back out onto 3A head south and you will take a left onto King Street and go straight through the lights that becomes Forest Ave, head down the hill and take a right and you can go right along the shore. Might be easier to just put it in your phone!
  13. The Two Cape Cod 30"+ Blizzards

    I know in 2013 there was an all out breach of the wall down on oceanside drive I believe which just let the water pour right in. Yeah 2010 was a good one as well!
  14. The Two Cape Cod 30"+ Blizzards

    2013 IMO was a little worse around these parts in terms of the coastal flooding and winds. 2015 was pretty wild as well though!