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  1. First memory I had of any storm I think I was 8. All I remember was lots of snow followed by flooding rains, but the winds were so strong I could hardly standup at one point.
  2. Sign me up! Did you guys use to do radioshow's which was usually the kiss of death for a storm threat LOL
  3. Weenie question.....What kept this storm from really deepening in terms of pressure?
  4. Some pretty good inundation of prone areas during todays high tide it seemed @CoastalWx.
  5. Was just going to post nice mood snows here in Cohasset.
  6. Yes...Another GFS run where it can only go downhill from here LOL for my area anyway!
  7. If I recall turned into a rather significant coastal flood event in these parts.
  8. Solid here in Cohasset nice wintery appeal for today!
  9. Roaring here in Cohasset! I'm prob at the highest point in town not sure if you know where Avalon is off of 3A. 39 here