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  1. ScituateWX

    June 29-30 2019 Thunderstorms

    Pretty good here in Cohasset made home from Maine just in time!
  2. ScituateWX

    April Discussion

  3. ScituateWX

    The Little Storm That Could - March 3/4

  4. ScituateWX

    NE snow event March 4th

    You might be the most level headed person in the forum
  5. ScituateWX

    March Disco

    EPS looks to have a trough in the east in the extended knowing how well the models have been I fully expect a ridge at 12Z.
  6. ScituateWX

    Midweek event, Yah or Nah? February 27-28th Clipper

    Still some light snow. Calling it about 4 inches down in the scituate/cohasset area. Easy plowing.
  7. ScituateWX

    February 2019 Discussion I

    Terrible thread is cooked!
  8. Yeah right around 5 here
  9. ScituateWX

    February 2019 Discussion I

    Yeah seems as though they have been horrid most of the winter! Whatever happens happens at this point if we get a storm or two great if not it is what it is life goes on. Would be good to get a decent coastal before it’s over.
  10. ScituateWX

    January 2019 Discussion

    How’s the EPS in the extended?
  11. ScituateWX

    January 2019 Discussion

    A few inches of snow would go a long way!
  12. ScituateWX

    January 2019 Discussion

    How do the EPS look today in the extended?
  13. ScituateWX

    December Discussion

  14. ScituateWX

    Annual Cheers Gathering

    I would like to come what time and where?