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  1. That was a wild storm around these parts in terms of lightning. Been a while since I've seen something like that!
  2. Weenie question but when we talk about "wavelengths" shortening what does this mean in terms of what you are looking for on a model?
  3. Winters of Yore! Memory came across FB today.
  4. One would think but even for it being the "18Z Euro off hour run" one would think it would have been a little better outcome given other guidance.
  5. I'm open for whatever at this point. With that in mind does the Euro and its ENS have a tendency to drive troughs into the west? Just seems like something I have noticed they tend to correct east maybe it's just my eyes. IMO looks like a classic battle in March coming up with spring pushing from the south and what's left of the cold from the north.
  6. Still waiting on the HRRR snow totals from the last storm that it kept showing despite the driving rains on my window. I like where I'm at for this one we wait to see what the rest of 12Z brings!
  7. Tough one around here. I had a feeling when I woke up and saw the temp was already at 34 it was not going to end well. Winds were roaring pretty good last night if nothing else. Good character builder we move forward! Congrats to everyone who got some snow!
  8. Tough call here locally. @CoastalWx thinking a deal where maybe there is a few sloppy inches right at the shore with increasing amounts as you head west across route 3A into Norwell, Hanover etc...I like the 4-8 range right along the shore here. Hopefully we get some decent winds! Tides don't seem to be a major issue, perhaps some minor flooding with a chance of Isolated moderate in the prone spots. Should be a fun storm to follow! Good luck to all
  9. First memory I had of any storm I think I was 8. All I remember was lots of snow followed by flooding rains, but the winds were so strong I could hardly standup at one point.
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