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  1. Lock it! All kidding aside it’s something to get game ready for winter with it’s been a while since it’s been worth looking at a model for anything other then dews.
  2. Sign me up been a while since we have had a decent ocean storm.
  3. Congrats dear god we need something to spice it up!
  4. I thought I saw on twitter Eric Fisher posted the 2M temp map from the latest Euro Seasonal looked warm based on that could not see H5. If I recall that blew chunks last year? Everything is FWIW wondering if anyone saw H5 and what it looked like.
  5. Pretty good here in Cohasset made home from Maine just in time!
  6. You might be the most level headed person in the forum
  7. EPS looks to have a trough in the east in the extended knowing how well the models have been I fully expect a ridge at 12Z.
  8. Still some light snow. Calling it about 4 inches down in the scituate/cohasset area. Easy plowing.
  9. Yeah seems as though they have been horrid most of the winter! Whatever happens happens at this point if we get a storm or two great if not it is what it is life goes on. Would be good to get a decent coastal before it’s over.
  10. How’s the EPS in the extended?
  11. A few inches of snow would go a long way!