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  1. Just absolutely torrential rain here in Brookline for the past 10 minutes. Pea sized hail right now.
  2. I'm sick of days below 70. So depressing and demoralizing.
  3. Mother Nature deciding to snow in May during a global pandemic? Jeez, read the room
  4. They’re building a new herb chambers dealership on comm ave in Allston. Huge pieces of construction debris blowing off the building into the road. Police were removing it as I drove by.
  5. Just had a large tree branch come down in the road in Brighton.
  6. Kangaroo Upset. It's a reference to when the former Los Angeles Kangaroos beat the Seattle Mariners in a surprise upset game. So in this circumstance, it refers to a strong system overcoming climatological factors to produce large amounts of snow.
  7. I'm guessing 15"-16" (maybe more?) here straddling the Brookline/Brighton line but just can't get a completely accurate measurement. We did pretty well at the end there despite like 5 hours of crap in the middle.
  8. Best rates of the day right now as the light starts to fade away. I'll take it.
  9. Ha! I'll pick up one of those $5 chocolate bars while I'm at it. It's definitely dumping right now, though. Can see it piling up on the shed out the back window, and I'd say we've cleared a foot at this point. It looks so pristine out there. Can't stop staring.
  10. Definitely better rates now, though flake size continues to be small. I still feel good about my morning call of 13" here.
  11. Ya'll should really get out there for a little walk around to revel in it before it goes away. It's beautiful out there, even when it's not snowing hard.
  12. "Tuck in your labia" How bout let's not say weird stuff like that. The folds of a woman's vulva have nothing to do with being frustrated over a storm.