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  1. 7-Day Forecast...... The good News is...no big storms expected for awhile....Great for Holiday Travel of course. The Bad News is...the colder than normal weather pattern continues.
  2. I’m seeing a couple small changes from the data yesterday. The first being it will be slightly colder. The second being it will be slightly wetter. However no big changes to the snow map... but we might be on the upper end of the range by the time it ends...
  3. I’m sorry yall are scared of some weeb behind a computer screen but it is a weather website < that is a dramatization of people getting b***hurt on this site
  4. Hey Dendy pull your pants out of your A** before you pop a blood vessel. Y’all trip on this forum forgetting it just a online site. I’d like to see y’all throw that same shade at me if you saw me on the street. Clearly the “weenie dog” avatar doesn’t mean anything other than you have been hacked clearly because I have one on my profile too when I am a weather guru and veteran to this site. Next person to come at jonathon s gonna get silenced while the rest of us who actually care about discussing weather continue on with our chat
  5. Received some snowflakes up here in Waterville. Cold front sneaking up, GFS and Canadian Indicating cold winter. My own barometric pressure system pointing us towards an ICER of a winter.
  6. My recipe for my specialty fall drink: 1 parts pumpkin beer, 1 shot bourbon, 1/2 cup lemonade, 1/2 cup apple cider, top it off with a drizzle of maple syrup and finish the rim with maple syrup dipped in pumpkin spice. Enjoy
  7. TORCHtober? Not sure if I would go all the way to call it a torch but it has been warmer than the usual although climate change has brought about a different fall. for any of you affected by hurricane Michael (either mentally or physically). Please message me your phone number of add me on facebook and I can provide you with survival instructions as well as ways to protect your home. Additionally, Michael will be deflected out to sea. So it is not a major event but may bring back ptsd for some. as far as this week looks like rain may be subsiding next week, humidity cooling off...
  8. Hello everyone I have returned glad to see everyone survived the hurricane everyone’s is safe and sound. Mild rains here in Waterville - rainy week. I predict a very snowy winter ahead. Been checking the Euro, looking promising. John Crofter predicts a warm sunny winter.... he’s wrong no one listen to him. as for my personal life I am now a construction worker (until it is too snowy to work). My coworkers seem to like me and invite me for smoke breaks which means they like you. Some of my buddies predict snowy winter as well although they don’t know too much about the weather. Stay dry my brothers (by the way please add me on Facebook at William Anderson)
  9. My account has been hacked which is why it says weenie on my profile. However don’t let that prevent you from any advice or encouragement I can provide to you mate
  10. This is going to be a life threatening storm surge for those in the target. For those of us in the New England area expect heavy rainfall as well as wind. Never be too careful. Listen to your instinct they will always be right. This is Weather expert logging off. Stay safe my friends and we will meet again after the storm.
  11. Check out the Drier air pushing south... The dew points are in the 40s and 50s to our north...heading THIS WAY !
  12. Alright everyone. GFS and CSO all leading towards heavy snow freezing cold winter. Mild temps going into the fall season with extreme barometric pressures and practically logarithmic CSRs for the winter season. Heading into 2019 I predict El Ninos leading us to more seasonable temps.
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