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  1. Central Park got down to 49, one degree away from the record low. Impressive.
  2. Absolutely loving this weather. Top 10 day here. Loving how sunny this spring has been. April had a high rainfall total, but Central Park only had 7 days with measurable precipitation. So far in May, its also only 7 days.
  3. Light snow now. Would say about 0.5" in the south Bronx. Biggest snowfall of the season so far!
  4. Moderate snow in the south Bronx. Heard a few rumbles before, didn't think they were thunder, but after the reports in this thread, possibly?
  5. Would estimate gusts to around 50mph near Newark in the last hour. A few rumbles of thunder now as well.
  6. Pretty moderate wind blown snow here around Newark. Eyeballing around 6" or so.
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