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  1. Possible gradient pattern coming up
  2. Possible some snow Friday with a clipper ?
  3. That map is awful for the east coast
  4. Why are you worrying about a pattern change 2 weeks out ?
  5. Cfs has a cold January Epo on the gefs is going to be freefall mode next week.
  6. The EPO is going to freefall next week.
  7. It's an op run in the long range You should know better to take the ops run with a grain of salt in the long range. Ensembles are the way to go.
  8. Euro and hrrr shows a little snow showers for tonight for the area. Maybe a coating
  9. Nice digging on the Nam Now lets get this low under LI so everyone will win
  10. Nice band about to come into the city
  11. He vanished after the 12z runs on Thursday
  12. Not at all We will have a few more chances this month
  13. You always get higher amounts than I do lol