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  1. Hopefully it's right This season has been very boring
  2. 12Z cmc continues the theme
  3. CMC continues to show a big storm
  4. Down to 40% in the 5 day period for 92L per NHC
  5. Chances down to 40% in latest NHC discussion for 92L.
  6. Now 40% in their 8am update
  7. Cmc is also very interesting
  8. 21 hours without power here NYC could have easily broken the record if the pattern didn't change
  9. Every model shows the storm gaining strength. Long ways out but this might get interesting soon.
  10. 2010-2011 feel I had 60 inches of snow by Feb 1 that winter
  11. We shall see but it's way out there so who knows what will happen. At least all the models show the tropics becoming active.
  12. Looks like the tropics might be waking up soon according to the models
  13. Euro, CMC and GFS all show the tropics becoming active. NHC just put out a new lemon off the coast of Africa
  14. Boring weather continues