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  1. Models looking better for more snow in the east. Models are starting to lose all the big lake cutters
  2. I love prospect Park. I was working there last Summer.
  3. I doubt we saw the last snowfall. With the Soi crashing along with a favorable MJO, things look quite interesting in the last week of February into March.
  4. I didn't even know that Chicago is in a snow drought. That's insane.
  5. Anyway, lets all look at a webcam from Caribou http://www.crownofmaine.com/members/nmain/
  6. The place to be this winter is New England and the lakes areas
  7. It's a shame that thursday's snow will not pan out. It could have been a biggie. Next time period to watch is late February.
  8. This was an atrocious winter for Philly southward. I have 23 inches on the season so I about 4-5 inches below normal which isn't bad compared to areas to the south. We got lucky with all these snow events.
  9. This has been an alright winter from NYC northward and a great winter for New England
  10. Yep what a shame Euro looked really good for Thursday's event on the 12z run last Friday.
  11. The pattern doesn't look good for a 6+ event? It surely does this upcoming week if the 2 streams meet. After that we will get a brief warmup but then there are signs of another cool down with a possible storm near the end of February. Winter isn't even over yet.
  12. Not really. Its still really close to phasing.
  13. GFS and GGEM improved for the Thursday's storm Lets get this current storm out of the way and see what the models show for Thursday Pattern supports a snow event
  14. Plenty of time for a change