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  1. No severe weather at all here Boring
  2. Partly sunny here 78/71
  3. Partly Sunny right now in Brooklyn
  4. Ugggh not again for fathers day I have a bbq to attend. It was canceled on memorial day
  5. Great news Usually the best storms happen when they don't mention anything
  6. Awful night to sleep if you don't have a fan or A.C Already 81 right now I can't wait for cooler temps at the end of next week
  7. Agree Looks like a nice weekend coming up
  8. Loving this cool weather 57 right now Not looking forward to the heat
  9. Another cloudy and cool day with sprinkles.
  10. Looks like maybe a little more rain this morning and then that's it for the NYC area. Should remain cloudy for the rest of the day with some peaks of sun.
  11. Cloudy and cool here
  12. My bbq was canceled on Monday Thanks media Smh