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  1. 89 here It's getting hard to breathe outside The humidity is disgusting.
  2. Where do you stay ? I like Wildwood Crest and usually stay in the Cara Mara, Jolly Roger or Gold Crest motels.
  3. I go every summer down there. Love it. I was watching the webcam last night from the boardwalk. It looked packed.
  4. NYC issues a state of emergency for the heat this weekend https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nbcnewyork.com/weather/stories/Heat-Wave-Weather-Forecast-Tri-State-New-York-City-National-Weather-Service-Storms-512777531.html%3famp=y
  5. Lots of thunder and lightning here. No rain yet.
  6. Severe thunderstorm watch for the area later on Stay hydrated and cool this weekend. I hate the summer. I wish I was able to take my vacation this week.
  7. Winter cant come soon enough In dying right now in my patrol car without the AC.
  8. Every model has a Cat 1 into LA. Hopefully it fizzles out in the upcoming days.
  9. Euro has a Cat 1 into the border of LA and TX at 144 hours