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  1. Beautiful snow globe snow rn!
  2. I think I am about done with this hobby.. my heart can’t handle this lol I fall for it EVERY. DAMN. TIME..
  3. Hell yea! I’m def glad I don’t live south anymore. The last 4 years in McLean were rough - minus 2016. Always way better up in these parts! Just excited to play with my pup in the snow tomorrow whether its 2” or 6.5”
  4. Didn’t sleep much I wanted to enjoy the snow and that I did! Think we have around 5.5 - 6” still snowing. Excited to take the dog out!!
  5. Closing in on 3” here! 31f. Was expecting this to be my grand total but it’s coming down fast!!
  6. 2” now... Enjoy my heavy snow pics! I’m here all night! Is it snowing there?? (inserts eye roll emoji)
  7. Heavy Snow in Baldwin!! - 32 degrees and about 1”
  8. Don’t go man I like your posts... I am always so self conscious to post I have been lurking on these forums since I was in high school im now 32. I worked the nerve up to post this year for the first time back in December when we got a bit of snow just a nice photo of my house.. The season has become snowier and I, of course, am now moreso invested in this forum like most of you this year.. I posted a legit question about the “pac man” feature eroding moisture for NE MD last night at like 1 am when the board was dead and IT GOT DELETED.. not sure why but it doesn’t make me feel welcome to post here, so I feel you.. but I like your input and everyone’s opinions/questions should be respected and not just deleted.. without any message from whoever deleted as to WHY.. I see so many whiny dumb posts from the same people and they just keep on going. I hope you stay!
  9. I couldn’t agree more with this post! I guess it’s been so long since we had just a beautiful blanket of white like this.. and it is still snowing lightly!
  10. That band from Bel air came thru for me in east balto co! I finally get to see a good thick snowfall!! Be nice if this keeps up for a little while.
  11. picking up now! snow and wind in east balto county/ harford line! Let’s get this heavy band!!
  12. Hey there! God I hope so! My dreams of a good snowblower snow seem less and less every minute here.
  13. Northeast Balto county hardly anything but flurries since 9. dusting.