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  1. it has been about %80 sleet for me for the last 4 hours tho radar showed snow when we didnt get the breaks. So far had about 6 inchs of snow before the sleeting started. Future radar suggest heavy snow bands to come but not sure if its showing snow and I get sleet like im getting now. Temp down to 24 our forecast was forecasted to be 26,
  2. yeah sadly funny thing is some one called me out saying i was lying about the dry slot.
  3. for those who said im lying about the dry slow listed below is a pic. btw I want it to fill in and every one to get snow. im also looking down stream to see what is coming north as well.
  4. lol what are you even talking about we had no snow last year i didnt really post plus I worked about 60 hours a week.
  5. well im moving on from this. very childish imo we all like snow PA can be considered mid Atlantic
  6. Sorry you feel that way but im not i enjoy the snow and want it to dump.
  7. https://www.accuweather.com/en/us/national/weather-radar look at that radar going into the future has snow holes right next to heavy snow areas. then boom all fills in. something tells me it wont fill in.
  8. So something else strange I watched this former weatherman joe cioffi now does it for himself on youtube saying we had some over running snow in South PA and it reached the ground so thats a extra few hours of snow for you all that means a few extra inchs. but then he shows a model the ends the snow around 2-3am? before the snow was said to get out of here around 7-8 am lol.
  9. thats true Ive seen that and heard that but sometimes ive had mega snows cause of only fat flakes never had sleet mix in with those guess i was lucky
  10. You know I see it on the radar looking out side its thats small flakes that fall during a blizzard type snow. during the really heavy snows sometimes your lucky and get fat flakes. but ill take this too.4 1/2 inchs the last 2 hours give or take.
  11. So maybe some one will know since I never reached 30 only got to about 27 and now down to 25. how much extra could one get out of a inch of liquid whats the ratio any where I can look for the formula?
  12. Temp down to 25 again never got to 30 today's high was about 27.
  13. wow love how its coming down. also some people dont need to be rude
  14. Snow day for me snowing mod roads are just wet everything else has caved. worrying tho to south west we have a major dry slot working its way up quickly looks like we all ready had several hours of snow that passed. 26 atm way colder then forecasted at this hour.
  15. I really hope that moisture field starts filling in more.
  16. like i said before this is feeling like that juno winter storm a few years ago
  17. nice just to the south of PA would these bands be going nne ne straight north?
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