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  1. at what point does a 10 to 1 ratio go higher? im down to 23 atm. im thinking atm I may be up to a 12 to 1
  2. Yeah Im in that room atm cause its more active I have no idea why people are getting so testy
  3. wait is the euro now trying to say south central PA gets almost nothing from this coastal?
  4. im surprised the precip field isnt farther northwest since its getting tucked in more.
  5. Thats true I heard old timers say that in weather all the time. but the new crop of meteorologists will use %90 of models and they live and die by it. If a model shows ots they hug it. if a model shows up the coast oh its to early to know if it still goes ots. if a model calls for 1-3 they hug it if a model shows 12-18 inchs they are like hold your horses.
  6. nice my forecast high was 36 then 34 never go past 28. currently down to 23 low was forecasted to be 26.
  7. accuweather and intilicast. Yeah i wasnt sure how good or bad those radars are when they do future radar's
  8. hmmm just took a look at current and future radar and the future radar isnt showing anything like the models are showing for tomorrow Myabe it hasnt been updated yet?
  9. So I have to ask when the weather service calls for heavy snow is it the size of the flakes? or is it the rate in which it falls? or can it be both?
  10. just wait for the primary to take over and throws back the snow and precip shield grows a bit
  11. never heard of this site before but has a pretty cool looking future radar https://www.iweathernet.com/interactive-radar
  12. some one stated that nj ny will get hit harder on where it formed so did it form more south west?
  13. so the new Low is now even more south west from where it was forecasted to form?
  14. love how abc27 downgraded what they think will happen with the snow. yesterday they were calling for 8-12 now they are calling for 4-8 we all ready have about 5 inchs give or take. yet its going to snow for the next 30 hours. even if you low ball it at .25 a hour thats another 7.5 inchs.
  15. I know what your saying but ive seen it in the summer time too. its raining at my house and radar shows blank. then 20 mins later it shows something to the east of me. or when im star gazing for the meteor showers forecast is for clear skys and clouds roll in but on the satellite no clouds. this happens with both the summer ones and the winter ones.
  16. sometimes when echos just vanish or just come out of no where I wonder if the radar wasnt just acting up sometimes and not picking it up or late in showing it drying up
  17. wasnt the storm that crush central and south central PA a few years back a miller b? weather channel called it juno I think it was in 2011?
  18. I just dont understand with virga overhead most of the night since midnight my dewpoint lowers instead of going up.
  19. any one seeing any thing yet in PA my dewpoint went from 16 down to 11 last time i checked. I dont understand that since i have had returns overhead since midnight. so still dry went from 23 around midnight to 28 at 6am
  20. hmmm I thought they said it would be all over by late monday night around 10 for my area. this looks like it goes through a good part of Tuesday morning
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