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  1. dang saw this as soon as i posted about philly and having so much liquid
  2. 3.4 liquid for philly that has to be some mix setting up right?
  3. I feel the same way models say this this this then one model out of no where closer to the event says oh not. then forecast for me says fri will be 52 how can you even forecast that when the models have problems with a storm 48-72 hours out.
  4. Imagine if this storm was at least a double phased system or at least stronger.
  5. yeah not buying that shift that much south. the surprising feature has weakened so much lately
  6. So i have a question what is the dark redish bullseye in PA mean
  7. So im guessing no storm for this up coming thursday the 28th?
  8. wow very underperforming the radar is all about dried up. forecast was for this to last till noon tuesday I hope you all did better.
  9. One thing I dont get is how far west the primary L is as it transfers to a secondary its. I think it was in IN and it transfers off the coast I never seen a Low transfer that far. I just dont buy it I never seen that before.
  10. maybe true but in 96 I got another big snow even bigger then 93. 93 for me was like 25 inchs 96 was 28. but the overall coverage I think went to the 93 storm. Also for march the storm had like 2 weeks of crazy cold weather.
  11. I remember super storm 93 they forecasted this big snow storm almost 2 weeks out. then a week out they were calling for a blizzard. Makes one wonder how they could forecast that accurate a week out back in 93. Now its like they cant tell you whats going to happen they say its to early to tell on a lot of news stations.
  12. I cant recall when was the last time we had a double or triple phaser was it juno back in 2011?
  13. lol go from almost 6 inchs down to almost zero lol
  14. Love the fact i kept hearing the system is going to be suppressed to far south then it comes north north way north lol
  15. eh its hard to buy any model even a few days out. friday/friday night strong so called cold front comes through temps will be colder but by only a few. today 45 yesterday 44 so um, yeah cant even get the next day right lol.
  16. Well atm down to 23.8 forecast low was 28 and under clear skys most of the night. tomorrow high is now down to 36 vs 49. precip looks to be way behind schedule
  17. I so dont like Ice i can take sleet but frz rain yuck
  18. I think its funny local forecast yesterday said for christmas even 34 cloudy christmas day snow 31. now it says christmas even 52 thats a swing of almost 20 and is saying heavy rain.
  19. Our local meteorologist said he never experienced a wind driven sleet like tonight.
  20. Yeah I just dont know if the future radar is correct or not it is back filling in a bit but radar shows snow atm and future but shows snow and mostly sleet radar returns are a strange thing. Going to be a nightmare if I get much more sleet. reminds me of the early 90s when we ended up having a inch of snow then go like 3 inchs of sleet the next 10-12 hours. Im glad it wasnt frz rain.
  21. Its funny how so many south of me are seeing snow and im about %80 sleet and colder then those to the south. proves weather will do what it wants
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