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  1. only got to 43 today in my yard. we had some brief sun at the end of the day but very cloudy all day.
  2. bc27 is a joke for many storms they go with the trend of the year etc. so they will bump up numbers during the storm or when its almost over and say they were right.
  3. major bust and im glad dry slotted im so glad this wasnt snow. I saw this dry slot coming hours ago by the way the precip was moving
  4. This feels like the last so called ice storm that didn't happen
  5. That may be true but I could have sworn that a lot of the forecasters for local weather we're saying that it was supposed to start at 7:00 or 8:00 p.m. that was with the last 2 days that I saw. So if the raider looks this dry are we still in time frame for seven or eight or is it going to be like 11:00 or midnight
  6. Is it me or does the radar look a bit laughable meaning very lackluster spotty precip
  7. What time does this start for lsv? I saw 7pm on a future radar from local news but then another station said 10pm I work in a hilly area and have a 20 min drive home I get out at 2am. It will be doing what ever by then. I wanted to stay late tonight to make up time missed tomorrow if I leave early
  8. Esp after the fail of the last ice storm a few weekends back
  9. I'd rather have a cold rain or the store miss us at this point I don't like ice none of us like ice it's a waste of cold air to have ice no snow just give me a cold normal rain
  10. love how I saw on fri abc was saying very mild week mon-fri next week no problems till a little rain fri. then out of no where changed this to now 50s on wed then low 40s thursday into 30s fri. when I saw some one streaming weather on Sat talking about a major snow storm im like wtf are they talking about till I saw the forecast when i checked the next day sat.
  11. no ones gonna buy this ice storm after the failure at predicting the last one.
  12. so it goes from 50s and 60s all week next week to out of no where to 40s thursday and 30s on fri. I swear abc said long term out look is very warm and next week 60s I think last thursday. I saw this just earlier today could be a major winter storm for our area in a youtube vid i was like huh what are you talking about then looked at forecast
  13. wow they were so late to this. I went out on sat to do some food shopping noticed my local town laid down some brine. I was surprised cause last I heard on friday from local news it will be a none even to far to the east not much of a precip field. i saw a little of the snow tonight coating on the grass but was in a lul for 3 hours even tho the radar had snow. I was like oh thats cool we got a bit. then went out with the dog and saw fat flakes up to 2 inchs on the grass sidewalks starting to get coated. temp down to 29
  14. really tired of tv mets just saying we dodged a bullet oh well the storm didnt do what models forecasted. maybe you should do more of the leg work vs buying what the models always say. no ice at all im glad about that but all these schools closed and worked closed down cause they were calling for .30-.50 you effected peoples lives with being wrong. some accountability needs to happen.
  15. call out it doesnt matter where your boss is. if its icy and freezing rain and you get in a accident is he gonna pay your bills.
  16. looking at the dry slotting going on we are not going to get any ice with that plus the temps being high
  17. This is a bust for ice and temps thank God
  18. Feels like another bust here for forecasting bin my area but that's good no ice
  19. So what's the trend for Harrisburg? Temp was down to 39 now it's 44 highest it's been lol
  20. Never got to 50 highest was 43 but hour by hour still doesn't have ice til 9 am??? Last few days showed ice around 7pm tonight
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