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  1. its typical our weather services suck esp with ice events
  2. Yes very high .50 Is devastating and over .75 catastrophic
  3. Yeah I don't see that happening no way this is non-event with the amount of precipitation coming up and we're supposed to be below 32° essentially for half the event the first round is going to be rain we know that. But the second event it's going to be at least moderate precipitation with temperatures lower than 32° and I'm shown to be under 32° by 7:00 p.m. tomorrow night that's on at least three models
  4. So if models keep showing major ice storm why haven't we at least gots wwa or a wsw yet
  5. So why doesn't south Central PA have at least a winter storm watch for all this ice we're going to get
  6. I don't see a double even happening at this moment. Just the trend I could see all rain or a dusting of snow lol
  7. I heard of miller b's and a's just saying I dont buy any model more then 2/3 days out
  8. after how the models have been this year im not putting much stock in any long range model lol.
  9. calling it now the storm every one is watching is gonna go ohio into the lakes. im not buying models this far out they always screw us.
  10. whats funny what the radar had nothing over me it was snowing pixie flakes to small to pick up I get it. now radar returns shows greens over me but yet nothing is falling lol dewpoint is higher then it was lol
  11. any hope for south central PA harrisburg area Lancaster? Id like another inch or 3 lol
  12. what areas north of balti could benefit from this
  13. also a question on this pic showing the front still alive and didnt wash out like forecasted? will this benefit us if its stalled like this?
  14. I love back building but so many of us on the edge. id rather be in the snow as it back builds if you get what im saying. normally after it back builds it normally goes up in smoke sooner then id like.
  15. snowing again in harrisburg area very lightly but bigger flakes looking out side every thing looks like Diamonds
  16. same in southern PA no snow on radar current conditions say cloudy but a light snow starting to coat roads been coated side walks and grass as soon as sun went down
  17. Not our big storm no but plenty of model runs days ago showed 6 inchs
  18. right along the coast maybe we can see some snows then?
  19. going into work for ot tomorrow I may leave early since its Kind of on a summit and tricky hills
  20. I understand about having a tight storm and tight circulation. but the same time its a huge storm and the moisture field early on like 6 days ago was huge even the sub 960 L. Ive seen so many storms that have been sub 960 all these mets were shocked by it and were saying no way thats a cat 2 hurricane etc. I chuckled cause in the last 20 years Ive seen so many.
  21. I was shocked on a few model runs it was at the bench mark and southern PA north MD VA hardly got anything or nothing. I cant remember the last time a bench mark snow gave so many around i95 nothing esp north and west. tho most of the time we have low going north from the south then transferring off the coast.
  22. wouldnt it be nice out of all the times the models took away our storms that this time we get a storm back from the jaws of defeat just 50 miles more west and so many of us will be happy with our few inchs
  23. Honestly would be nice for all the storms models took away if this trended another 100 miles west or so and gave us close to 4 to 6 inch's
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