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  1. its fun to watch models but %90 they dont pan out 2 days out let alone 6 days
  2. I drove to almost state collage and back tho it was snowy I didnt have really any thing for covering roads. Just got home aa hour ago.
  3. We have to fight the dry air too. We have to fight off the dry air too.
  4. This saddens me all this cold air going to waste.
  5. Woke up to a big fat nothing for snow. It's sad all the models busted
  6. Shit models can even get a 12 hour for set right. Woke up to no snow at all I'm done watching , long range forecasts lol
  7. true but would of been nice for all of us to get a few inchs.
  8. Dont feel to bad all total bust for me in south PA temps are actually up from midnight 34 then to 35 36 now 38. front all ready passed by so go figure.
  9. Welp its dead in here heh. My temp is now up to 38 temps were fore cast to go down. front passed 2 ish hours ago this is kind of sad lol.
  10. Went from 33 to 36um ok precipitation falling thought temps would go down
  11. Is it me or are the radar returns way more juicy the models suggested? I heard no talk of heavy rain downpours thunderstorm etc a bunch of deep greens yellows just down to out south
  12. just thought if we do get above freezing we are not going to be dry slotted that fetch of yellow and dark greens off the ocean could cause some flooding ground still rock hard frozen then snow and ice on top of the snow no where for run off the go from dirty grassy areas
  13. I posted about this a bit ago a good fetch off the cold ocean right back into south central PA
  14. yes but most of the public dont have the time nor the interest to plot models and track storms
  15. this is why the public miss trusts weather forecasts. look what happen to i95 up till a day or 2 it wasnt suppose to be so bad. then bam hell people stuck in snow banks going hungry no one helping them no plowing before hand.
  16. I questioned if the models didnt get storm right cause of the odd track they gave it. makes me wonder if its no longer following the track or its moving slower. edit im talking about how much cold air is still sticking around
  17. still mod snow here big flakes 23 first inch upward in temps in about 7 hours
  18. my temps have stayed steady im talking local forecast abc27 said change over to rain around 930. its 8:08 I dont see it happening till later if it does go to rain before we get dry slotted.
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