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  1. WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY REMAINS IN EFFECT FROM 8 AM TO 3 PM EST MONDAY... * WHAT...Snow expected. Total accumulations of 3 to 5 inches. * WHERE...Portions of central Pennsylvania. * WHEN...Snow will overspread most of the area around 9 am, then briefly fall heavily before tapering off by early afternoon. * IMPACTS...Plan on slippery road conditions. * ADDITIONAL DETAILS...One inch per hour snow rates are possible around 11 am to noon. it was 1-3 inchs around 8pm
  2. if they are dumb enough to do that people will just move to the west shore and not travel back and fourth.
  3. I got maybe a inch from the time i got home at 7 or so till now. nothing atm and earlier radar didnt show it but i had ice and snow for several hours.
  4. https://www.accuweather.com/en/us/philadelphia/19102/daily-weather-forecast/350540?day=1 so confused calling for 4-6 inchs on friday? but the alert says ...WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY IN EFFECT UNTIL 7 PM EST FRIDAY... ...WINTER STORM WARNING IS CANCELLED... * WHAT...Mixed precipitation. Additional snow accumulations of 1 to 3 inches and ice accumulations of around one tenth of an inch. * WHERE...Portions of central, northern, northwest and southern New Jersey, southeast Pennsylvania and northern Delaware. * WHEN...Until 7 PM EST Friday.
  5. well last time i heard about monday was around noon driving into work local radio said mostly cloudy high in the 40s
  6. looks like the caboose will miss our area tho?
  7. yep I left work early and it was a hairy drive. tho nothing on radar frz mist or drizzle is coating every thing if the roads being some what snow covered and icing over wasnt bad enough adding frz mist water to it.
  8. yep I left work early and it was a hairy drive. tho nothing on radar frz mist or drizzle is coating every thing if the roads being some what snow covered and icing over wasnt bad enough adding frz mist water to it.
  9. I saw earlier today that temps in the area will be in the low to mid 40s maybe touching 50 a few times next week unless it changed.
  10. So work was just not worth going in tonight hardly any one showed up tho my area wasnt bad at all. Main reason myself and so many are leaving early is cause of freezing mist drizzle icing everything up bad. Since I was asleep through the whole storm and at work till now. What made the storm go from a 24 hour or so event down to 6 hours in central PA? I mean up till late model runs last night into this morning they were hinting it lasting into a good part of fri morning. Infact the wsw was pushed back till 10 am I wake up to it canceled and under a wwa. That in its self was odd to watch the 5am news and they were saying it would cut off around noon or 1pm what models made them pick up on that since late night models were trending more snow?
  11. Any idea in why its ending so fast now? when before it was said to snow all day into the night with light snow and linger till fri am?
  12. Just saw how bad its busting in my area over by 2pm? lol wtf how and when did this go down? as i stated before models stuck any more.
  13. Lol oh btw he is low balling it now only 3 inchs but if we get some snow showers maybe 5.5 or so? i never knew just normal snow showers to lay that much down.
  14. https://www.abc27.com/weather/forecast/snow-and-sleet-at-times-today-storm-exits-tonight/ even abc is claiming this?? why have the storm warning till 10 am tomorrow it was suppose to snow all day what just happened ?
  15. https://www.wgal.com/weather/radar um whats with this saying its almost out of the area by noon today? its all ready clearing most of the western central area of PA and looks to be out of here by mid afternoon today?
  16. I just hope I see something soon so many of you are saying you have seen flakes or seen accum and still nothing for me lol. some of you are 20 mins away in all directions its this a cruel joke on me lol.
  17. Yeah this year has been funny with the future cast and what ends up going down. Still nothing here in my area
  18. one thing i noticed this year vs other years. They no longer have person verifications on if its snowing on not its all radar based. Its said its been snowing here all night since the radar showed snow. Same with other storms this year. in years past they were confirmed observations by weather sites or people reporting.
  19. Its like 2 storms ago I was under deep blues for 4 hours and nothing then as soon as it got a few shades lighter it started snowing. That puzzled the heck out of me
  20. updated now says 5-7 and will last through 10 am fri. Tho one thing that is worrying me forecast low low 20s still sitting at 28 the clouds came in hella fast yesterday mostly cloudy before 6 didnt allow for much drop in temps.
  21. I just came from that direction and still nothing sadly. Btw why did we get downed to only 6 inchs vs what they were calling for earlier? I thought things were looking juiced so it should go up?
  22. I did a lot actually. Most of the times like I said they were pretty right. I mean the blizzard of 93 and 96 both were called a week plus out. Other storms like in high school we pretty much got the snow they called for every time if they called for 6 inchs we got about that. if they said 4 inchs then change to sleet at noon. right on the dot it changed at noon. now it feels like they put to much stock in models and dont forecast or go instincts. I mean how many times have you heard a model was thrown out cause of a error or a problem with the initialization ?
  23. Well when it comes down to it yes I complain when 12 hours out they cant get a forecast right. Im glad it isnt last winter Im just saying when I hear the most accurate forecast from local news I just wonder what the % is like 20? lol when every one else is like 15. I dont want to complain but it feels like forecasts have got worse vs when I was a kid they felt 9 times out of 10 spot on.
  24. I dont know after the fail of this last system on the models I just wonder if it just wont be 50 and rain all the way up to ny state.
  25. tonight's even was a total joke for my area. even radar showed pink as in mix all we got was heavy rain forecast high was 32 got to 38 never went below 35 but yet still we have a wwa going on wtf. I mean you cant accurately forecast a even 12 hours out now? smh did any one in the lsv receive any wintry weather
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