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  1. Is this moving slower then models were saying? I swear it was showing snow at the PA MD line around 1 am
  2. I still want to know where the artic air went. its like last year they just keep pushing it back more and more.
  3. So can any one tell me what happen to the artic air? I kept hearing to much artic air and it will suppress the storm etc. Yesterday my high's for next week were all in the low 20s and lows in the low teens. now its low 40s for highs and upper 20s for lows? Yet the storm on some models is suppressed south? Why did the artic air not end up showing up now for next week? even sunday now is 43 when before it was 33.
  4. it was snowing off and on since i went to work at 2pm but nothing layed until about 8pm and started snowing heavier got another 1 1/2 at work id guess. same amount at my house from the looks of it when i got home. Another band may move in sometime tonight
  5. looks like the precip backfilled a bit direction is north to south mostly since this started about a 1 plus ago I picked up another .75
  6. yeah dry air can be so strange for a storm why here and not over there kind of thing. yeah future radar builds it back but have been told future radar sucks pretty much. like earlier tonight it showed no dry slot or break in the precip at all till 1am.
  7. Ive only ever seen this happen twice in my life. radar is dry but snowing hard. if id have to guess precip is about 20 miles away from me on the west side 15 miles north and 40 miles east.
  8. its funny to think all these models saying it wont stop till like 10am tuesday. but then all my local weather guys saying 10pm 11pm tonight with lingering snow showers only maybe a inch tomorrow
  9. So radar shows nothing current conditions say cloudy but its snowing hard. I know some of you reported the radar has dry slotting but still snowing im guessing its snowing at a lower lvl then the radar beam is??? Also Im guessing they are just doing observations for what the radar says not from a spotter noticed that a lot lately.
  10. so far 12.2 big flakes again snowing pretty good.
  11. any chance we can go that shield to bounce back to harrisburg? that dry slot came out of no where.
  12. Ive been hearing about artic air arriving for 4 weeks now lol
  13. wait is this for this storm or next weeks storm lol
  14. last time i saw rates like this is when we got that 35 inch storm a few years back.
  15. yeah most of them love to downplay snow storms so many times they have been way wrong. when i hear them saying the most accurate forecast lol.
  16. Really is that a official measurement from the airport? im less then 10 mins away and i had over 6 inchs last night and now im just a shy under 10. I remember years ago the news had harrisburg has a total of 17 inchs middletown has 12 I lived right next to the airport where they measure for harrisburg. how can you be that off for 2 measurements ? harrisburg airport and middle town measure the same place lol
  17. I just find it funny abc27 news saying it ends all tonight around 10pm maybe snow showers tomorrow but the NAM keeps this around for at least a few more hours if not longer
  18. Persistent heavy snowfall will continue through late afternoon across the Lower Susquehanna Valley and the south-central mountains. Widespread hourly snowfall rates of 1-2 inches can be anticipated, with locally up to 3 inches per hour possible. Travel will be very difficult for the evening commute, with poor visibilities of less than a half-mile, and snow covered roads. This includes the Pennsylvania Turnpike, along with portions of Interstates 78, 81, and 83.
  19. So abc 27 weather is saying it will be wrapped up by 10pm tonight? not the heavy snow but the storm and snow showers tomorrow i thought almost every model said accum snow till at least 3am?
  20. whats the time frame of the storm actually ending still around 10am tuesday?
  21. Just woke up called to see if we have work. No delay and operations as normal lol. They are going to be a lot of stuck people tonight. my shift is 2:10pm to 1:50am i got another inch since it started my job is also in a higher elevation not going to drive with a just ok car 25 miles to and from work sorry not worth it. are the models still giving us 12-20 more inchs?
  22. I know we dont but they are also saying se pa just saying our weather does come up from the south. but no need to go into weenie mode is all im saying
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