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  1. jinx I said Maybe ill wake up to a diff forecast lol
  2. I thought the one over night model was still out to the east? from the things I read at least I hope to wake up to a diff forecast lol
  3. any idea how far went any snow comes? reading harrisburg etc
  4. Im on my phone atm not going to scroll forever to read posts from a few hours ago. if the post was right before mine maybe I wrote this as the post your referring to was posted I was also talking about how the models just changed in one run thats a valid point. If thats due to feedback problems the models not seeing something or the models seeing something now they didnt see the run before none the less my point of view remains and is valid.
  5. the giant spread of models jumping all over the place just adds to how much models cant latch on to some energy blocking etc. Its hard I know but it feels that these models are getting worse esp in the winter.
  6. From where it started to where it's going. We shouldn't get overly hyped over models from 5 6 7 days out
  7. This my local Mets just embraced the jog west and locked it in. But models shows western tracks or a jog they say to early to call
  8. We need to start holding the national weather service accountable yeah this is going to be slightly ranty. But think about it logically for a minute how often are the models actually write and I'm not just talking about three or four days out I'm talking about the day before storm. I swear to God models were more accurate before all these upgrades in 2000 and 2005 or so models I would say 50/50 would get it right now it's like every single storm they show even the day before we're supposed to get it oh all of a sudden all models show it's going to jog 150 to 200 miles east. Does anyone have an actual percentage of what they're right about I mean to show Pennsylvania from Central to East and most of Maryland having 48 or 12 in and then all of a sudden now nothing every single model shifted from a slightly Coast hugger now to out the sea in a way. I mean think about it for a second if we were wrong that much at our jobs you would have been fired lol
  9. why i dont get excited any more about storms 4 5 6 days out. the models never ever hold any more. wouldnt be surprised if this goes off the south east coast. if it does stay near the coast it wont have the strength or precip. I wish every would get the best out of this storm but as normal it feels it isnt our storm or at least the big one.
  10. I have another question so yesterday my high for fri was 27 now its all the way to 35? would this signal the storm is closer to the coast? pushing warmer ocean air into our area? or am i reading to much into this I know normally our forecast highs tend to be warmer then they end up being warm bias and all.
  11. Ty no one said this at all hope the storm can blast the boundary apart lol
  12. Snow cut off makes no sense to me. Storm this powerful that trending more West just cuts off snow this drastic ????? Sine people are saying online claiming it's to powerful so it's compact 1 the storm is huge 2 I've seen sub ,960mb dump snow back to Ohio
  13. at work all night hard to read every post even if it didnt phase as early as we all would like I was just thinking about the scope of the storm is so big and being maybe a 24 hour event getting sub 6 inchs is pretty bad imo.
  14. So by all accounts the size of this storm could be huge if modeled correct. so my question why the sudden cut off in amounts in central MD and central PA?
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