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  1. are the temps going to rise tonight at all? or is the warm push only for tomorrow?
  2. not sure where my last post went but here goes. 2 inchs over night into this morning looks like the radar is breaking up sadly. my niece was on a 2 hour delay then school was called off most likely wont go tomorrow either with the way the forecast is. she all rdy has off friday for in service and monday for a holiday. shes gonna have a nice extended break off this week.
  3. my niece was just called off school after a 2 hour delay. most likely wont go tomorrow either. she all rdy has a in service this fri and off next monday for the holiday. so far about 2 inchs
  4. from looking at the future radars and maps looks like from what i see unless it changes most falls as frozen maybe 1 1/2 hours as rain to 2 1/2 hours give or take. but like i always say models are normally meh. it comes down to real time forecasting at this time.
  5. oh on top of every thing else radar is looking more juicy atm then i think modeled?
  6. I honestly think some of these models/maps with the change over earlier runs from early sun and last night are gonna bust bad. I think the change over to snow takes a bit longer and we stay sleet frz instead of going to all rain. i still think we will see a hour or 2 of just rain. but the way some things are setting up even tho we have a cutter to the west looks like a colder solution will be the way things go.
  7. hah i see what you did couldnt do any thing really Tho it was fun sledding but if you fell off down the hill you got road rash.
  8. well the way the radar looks atm its going to be hard only to get 1-2 inchs of snow over night best time to fall. future radar I saw doesnt really break it up at 6-7am like every one is saying. its about 11am but that was a few hours ago I saw the future radar could have changed. but i could see a outside chance this turns into one long duration event. no real breaks. id give it a %5 chance at that tho.
  9. Yeah its nice when you dont have to go any where either. or jobs who force you to go into making you feel as if call off they will find a reason to fire you.
  10. yeah the whole advisory or watch per county is stupid. a storm system doesnt know where the county line is. Ive seen times when one town city in a county got 10 inchs and another one got 2.
  11. thanks for the welcome as i said in the other forum to me all my life PA was the Mid Atlantic Not sure when it changed lol. but yeah the radar look way more juiced then it was called for and temps being below forecast could be a good front end thump.
  12. I guess a lot changed in the last 20 years since I was in school. in 93 I was off for 2 weeks from the blizzard and cold. then a few other days here and there from other snows. we didnt get out of school till almost july. If memory servers went to school till like the june 20th or some where around that time.
  13. Sorry I learned in geography class we are in the mid Atlantic so yeah from what i was taught and every thing i know i was posting in the right area.
  14. Our temps were revised down for a high temp 37 before revised down to 34 for a high currently 33.
  15. Forecast high 39 currently 30 dropped from 32 after the sun went behind clouds. But ive been through this many times went the temps bust low during the day the clouds over night steady the temps or rise them over night. I understand why the temps stay steady with a blanket. but sometimes when the temps bump up so many degrees over night with no heat source just puzzling tho i know south winds bring warmth. but normally this is hot the low busted temps normally get canceled out
  16. if you feel i was trying to troll im not
  17. Um maybe and I got up I hardly watch tv any more for 1 everything is online. Also I dont care to watch my local mets they lets just say are always bias to any snow or cold weather lol.
  18. I havent looked at my local weather from my local news today. but looking at all these maps 4-6 inchs of snow then a good 5 hours of sleet frz rain and only 2 or so hours of rain by some of these models/maps. last I saw my local news was downplaying this event saying a bit of snow then all rain yesterday. If this happens the way Ive been watching it will catch a lot of people off guard
  19. I wouldnt say slopfest at least for me more frozen then liquid precipitation for me
  20. btw the observation at the time at the weather observation at the air port said snow. im like 1 min away from that airport that what i was commenting on. so it wasnt just a radar that should snow that dried up. it was a actual observation
  21. wow really talking about suicide nice. im not throwing a huge fit here. im just saying it isnt a big surprise
  22. I dunno the snow on radar is just breaking up. another joke storm it seams to be.
  23. Its funny how my local weather atm is claiming its snowing for the last 3 hours not 1 flake outside lol. based or radar sure. I thought that had observations but i guess they go by radar when the storm isnt going to be to big?
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