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  1. I found out the called it a blood wolf moon im thinking some anime shit is about to happen with goku turning into the big ape oozaru
  2. yeah this has been one of the biggest busts for me in years sigh. Some one on facebook even tried to tell me it was trending north and warming all week. even tho before last nights big turn around. it was trending colder and more south. I love those who change the facts after the fact haha
  3. such a waste of a storm esp with cold air coming in behind this sigh. all rain now temp 33
  4. yeah every one please be safe. this is why I hate when local news/mets saying be dodged a bullet. sure we are not getting as much as we once were. but the roads will still be bad on top of this the flash freeze from everything wet and melting in the areas that have the snow.
  5. Heavy snow here if this keeps up just for another 2 or so hours we will hi our lowered totals. But ive been down this path before when the news comes on at 11 they will say the sleet ice compacted the snow so you didnt get as much as you thought. even tho it was measured before most of the ice came. I just hope we can hold onto some snow pack now with the last half of the storm being rain and now out of no where im gonna be 40 over night when before my highest temp was 32-33 12 hours ago haha.
  6. Any one else having temps a good few ticks higher today then foretasted? I think what hurt my area the clouds really never broke for more then a hour last night. so the temps stopped falling. then rose a bit with the sun being up even behind clouds.
  7. Been mostly snow here for about 45 mins snow just melting as it hits temps down a tick to 34. still not a good sign for us snow lovers.
  8. running out to my car I started hearing sleet frz rain even with very little snow. my area was never foretasted to be 36 at this time of day. so worrying if the temps do go down at all the depth of the cold isnt strong as it was originally foretasted. if we are all rdy mixing in eh 2 things not much if any snow. we did get the down ground to 1-4 but its either going to mean a lot more ice. Or a start of as mix then quickly to rain. Either of was not foretasted up till last night.
  9. I kept telling my friend about how most likely a week out no one knows what models will be even close to right. last night they bumped my totals up in my area to 8-12 wake up after a nap this afternoon. down to 1-4 saying wsw canceled and now we are in a wwa. its just sad all this tech we have and it seams as if they do a worst job forecasting anything vs when i was growing up lol. id rather have 3 feet of snow then the nothing we are about to get with a ton of ice. I said to my friend all the time I could see this being a crazy ice storm.
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