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  1. So I hit the sack at 8am with not really any thing going on. woke up at 11am with just over 4 inchs the snow has slow down in the last hour or so. but looks like things have changed vs that bad weather forecast at 6pm last night saying the mix will start at 3-4 and be all rain before 7pm. they had my area going above freezing at 6pm. now im seeing every one say most places wont get out of that range till 10pm
  2. I think my local news is going with the gfs as the fav model. they showed me being ice by 3pm and rain by 7 in fact rain all the way up to north east PA.
  3. hmm local news weather has bumped the temps up all next week into the mid 40s all but 1 day.
  4. O i had no idea about a sat storm at all up till noon today local weather was saying pretty much clear over the weekend but watching later sunday night.
  5. Any chance that snow shield in western central PA makes it into harrisburg area? it looks pretty sizable but these things normally break apart or dry up. Also when if at all will a post be made about the late sunday snow and tues night snow chance?
  6. yeah i just saw this as well no one foretasted this. most of this was going to be over by 6 cad stayed strong enough even tho the primary storm was way west.
  7. so round 3? wasnt thinking it would get cold enough tonight to turn back into frz rain or sleet. but wwa went up a bit ago temp 31 and mod frz rain.
  8. strange radar was showing heavy pinks just like mins ago and im close to etown so gasp
  9. Oh ok no worries its why i was a bit puzzled haha yeah heavy sleet now temp went from 32 to 30 I dont have a fancy . temp gauge tho
  10. it was said hitting 32.2 can still freeze tho its only at 32.9 where the action of freezing stops if memory servers
  11. hitting 32 it still can freeze rain tho im not following?
  12. i was out cause my silly dad always shovels snow right around the time we get frz rain its just silly if you ask me. id rather walk on snow covered in a crust of ice vs ice on sidewalk only. but for me we have a dry slot for the 30-50 mins i was out.
  13. We are now back to a mix some sleet frz rain a little snow. this makes me think I know why we end up having sleep frz rain cause the air it falls through is above freezing then goes back below freezing. but how does it end up snowing sleeting and frz rain all a the same time? I never heard a legit explanation or any for the matter on this. Normally they just say when its all snow its or all sleet or all frz rain and show the graphic of the freezing column.
  14. I was talking about radar. looks like on radar the ice moved in at 5 or so. if you go back and look at the radar our eastern side was dry slotted. In this radar the first few frames you see how bad the eastern half looked. I dunno where I can find a radar link going back longer tho. https://www.accuweather.com/en/us/northeast-region/weather-radar?play=1
  15. yeah only reason we didnt stay snow longer was damn dry slot. im not even turning on my local news to hear this met pump himself up saying I told you so about low snow numbers. He didnt even forecast for the dry slot. this one was different tho instead of the south west dry slot getting me that filled in at the same time to eastern side of precip for what ever reason decided to just dry up and say nah im out,
  16. morning all looks like I was right when i posted last night about the dry slot ****ing us lol. every time a storm liek this dry slots us by the time the precip starts again its ice but looks like we skipped sleet and wet to frz rain. the ice started way earlier to. originally my snow was forecasted to stick around till 12-1
  17. big damn surprise over eastern PA includding Harrisburg snow shut off look at radar yep it dried up. the damn weatherman was right again on us only getting 2-3 inchs over night. just cause of dry slotting lol im going to bed.
  18. true its back building over ohio and points south west. but every time we are in this set up if we get dry slotted its game over for the snow. it either goes over to ice or rain depending on the temps and im still at 32. i was hoping some heavy precip would cool us off more then 1 degree.
  19. if you guys look to our south west and that dry slot in wv parts of md. if when that hits us and stops snowing the temps will bump up by the time we get precip back it will be sleet frz rain. ive seen it happen to many times. to keep the snow the longest we cant not get dry slotted.
  20. i nice band on radar over harrisburg nice deep blue set up. can confirm mod/heavy snow
  21. hmm radar expands then goes dry in my area for the last 4 hours. looks like this storm will be late getting started in my area. I should say phase 2 is late getting started.
  22. still find it odd that the nam gives me so little when the nws upped the totals for me to 3-6 more likely higher then the lower amounts. vs just 2 days ago where this was said to be mostly rain but all the mets on tuesday.
  23. lol is this in total for both phases of the storm? cause i all ready have slightly over 2 inchs. its forecast to snow from about 430pm till 12pm 1pm tomorrow before change over. thats almost 24 hours. some snow is said to be mod to heavy bands. I doubt we only get 2.2 inchs unless the mother of all dry slots hit us. oh damn i did it we gonna get dry slotted. btw im talking about the new nam
  24. havent had a real lul here we will go 30 mins without snow then a snow shower or light snow for a hour hits no real accumulation. a tick above freezing at 33 the forecast tho was for 36 gonna bust low esp when the snow moves in temps will drop a few im thinking.
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