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  1. Crazy and frustrating how any red echos on radar in NJ instantaneous turn to yellow and dark green once hitting the Ocean and crossing in NYC area. At least I got to see a nice full power storm visiting Philly last Friday.
  2. It's so odd that we have some years that we get numerous powerful storms in Queens/City despite the Ocean influence (like 2010-2012) but then some years any convection is basically DOA like this year.
  3. Seeing some decent lighting in Queens. However, looks like this will continue the season long trend of either missing north or south or even more likely weakening into a moderate rain shower once it finally arrives.
  4. Hmm I wonder if any of that convection will make it into Queens (sarcasm)
  5. Usually the storms at least make it to Newark before starting to fizzle out. What a disappointing season it has been so far. Have been on the wrong end of basically every storm, June 19 was the only time we even had a credible threat but even then the cell missed to the north.
  6. Looks like SI may get clipped. Here in Queens looks like we'll be lucky to get a sprinkle
  7. One disappointment after another this season. However, last year we didn't really see much until July 25 and after.
  8. WTF why is it weakening? It hasn't even hit the ocean yet. Maybe it will pulse back up, we certainly have the moisture in place.
  9. Apparently there was a fairly strong Tornado spawned by this MCS in upstate NY (check their page for some damage photos). This setup kind of reminds me of 07/18/97 where there was a long lived MCS that tracked mostly through PA and caused widespread damage and 60+ wind gusts in NYC metro area. We'll see if this thing holds up as well.
  10. What's the % chance any of that convection in North Jersey makes it into NYC/Queens area? .0000001%? As much as I love the ocean, the marine influence really sucks when it comes to getting any decent storms.
  11. Severe Weather 7/13-7/14

    Another shafting in Queens...barely a drizzle. This is getting old fast...
  12. 2017 General Thunderstorm Thread

    WTF Queens has been in a hole in basically every storm event this season. Not a drop here in Kew Gardens
  13. This looks really cool and ominous coming in. Don't see any lightning though.
  14. Wish one of those cells would make it to Queens. We had a nice downpour this afternoon, some nice wind driven rain. No thunder or lightning though.