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  1. In Tarrytown for the night. Wow what a difference here as opposed to the city/Island without the marine influence. Multiple rounds of impressive storms. The first cell crossing the Hudson at around 645 with frequent massive cloud to ground lightning was an epic sight. Strong winds, torrential rain and frequent vivid lightning on 3 rounds so far.
  2. Meh. Here in Queens saw some vivid ctg strikes to our north but just some moderate rain and thunder here so far.
  3. Just got dark here in central Queens. I see the rain shaft to our west, amazing. Don’t see any lightning yet. Looks like storms may just graze us or miss to the north west.
  4. Some really beautiful towers out to my west here. Looks like Newark and SI are getting some heavy rain at the least on radar. Wonder if there’s any lightning with these. 
  5. Some really beautiful towers out to my west here. Looks like Newark and SI are getting some heavy rain at the least on radar. Wonder if there’s any lightning with these.
  6. I'm on 5th floor partially obscured be another building and still seeing some of the most incredible cloud to ground lighting I've ever seen. Could only imagine a higher, unobscured vantage point. Hopefully someone is taking some video.
  7. Wow wind driven torrential downpour here. Cloud to ground flashes almost constantly. Absolutely crazy, worst storm here since probably 07/25/16.
  8. Wow, Forest Hills here, crazy green sky huge cloud to ground flashes. Looks like 09/16/10 microburst/tornado. Any warnings?
  9. Meh. Looked great on radar and very ominous coming in but just a few flashes of lightning and like a 40 second downpour here in south Queens. Hopefully round 2 is better.
  10. That makes sense it was very localized on radar right along the coast. Looks like treemont section of Bx took a direct hit from that cell too. Wonder if anything else will fire up tonight or we’re done.
  11. Seeing some lightning from that cell near city right now.
  12. ^^^ wow that shelf cloud is incredible. That storm in south SI looks really nasty of radar..
  13. Almost like there’s a wall keeping these storms out of Queens.
  14. Also have to mention, the Labor Day 1998 Derecho was obviously epic for most of the tristate area and further sparked my weather fascination. It’s crazy how there’s so few pictures of the actual storm and only one video of it on YouTube (out of Brooklyn).
  15. I remember be very young and already having a strong interest in thunderstorms, severe weather and winter storms. However it was a storm in the summer of 1993 that really elevated my obsession. It was a sweltering hot day and I was at an indoor gym and pool in central Suffolk county Long Island. All the sudden a dark line of clouds with frequent cloud to ground lightning blew across the sky and flash bang lightning and thunder started. The pool was evacuated and I walked over to the windows and saw torrential rain, pea sized hail and very strong wind gusts. The light poles were swaying violently and the wind gusts were reportedly over 50 mph. Due to historical weather data I think I am able to narrow this storm down to Saturday, July 10, 1993. I remember the radar showing very isolated cells near nyc and central Long Island. Also I think remember the news saying someone on Long Island was struck by lightning in this storm. Unfortunately the historical radar data from GIS only goes back to 1995 so I can’t confirm the exact date for sure. I know it’s a long shot but was wondering if anyone else here had any memory of this storm. Growing up on Long Island it was very frustrating getting severe storms due to the stabilizing marine influence, but this storm stuck out to me as short lived/isolated but very intense. I attended the Long Island philharmonic in heckscher Park that night with my family and I remember even the conductor mentioned the storm as being crazy. Also please feel free to share details of any storm that sparked your interest in weather.