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  1. There is an absolute wall around central Queens this year when it comes to storms. Line slams northern queens, heading almost due south then jolts eastward right before hitting us. [email protected]&)&&)(!!!
  2. Wow just got nailed in central Queens. Didn’t hear any thunder but wind driven torrential rain. Gusts easily in the 40s.
  3. Wind driven torrential downpour, cloud to ground strikes. Wow great storm here in central Queens.
  4. Not sure if these will retain strength into Queens (rarely do) but starting to get some gusts and sky looks very ominous to northwest.
  5. Was thinking of going on a boat trip from noon to 4pm, but reconsidering due to forecast. You think I’ll be able to beat the rain or nah?
  6. Literally one rumble of thunder and some light rain in central Queens. I swear sometimes it seems like there’s a force field around us that collapses incoming storms.
  7. That cell near Sound Beach looks pretty nasty and appears to be strengthening.
  8. Very dark here in central queens. Had some decent downpours and vivid lightning. Really not much wind.
  9. Yes, some examples I can think of are 06/26/2009 where there was like 2 inch diameter hail near Stony Brook and 06/24/2010 where Great Neck had a microburst and extensive tree damage and hail.
  10. In Tarrytown for the night. Wow what a difference here as opposed to the city/Island without the marine influence. Multiple rounds of impressive storms. The first cell crossing the Hudson at around 645 with frequent massive cloud to ground lightning was an epic sight. Strong winds, torrential rain and frequent vivid lightning on 3 rounds so far.
  11. Meh. Here in Queens saw some vivid ctg strikes to our north but just some moderate rain and thunder here so far.
  12. Just got dark here in central Queens. I see the rain shaft to our west, amazing. Don’t see any lightning yet. Looks like storms may just graze us or miss to the north west.