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  1. On beach in CI. My T read remotely is 81*(@2:30pm) with continuos sw breeze keeping it tolerable.
  2. On beach here in CI (1st. TIME)and my T read remotely from phone APP is stuck at 80* (3pm)for hours, since I left house. Slight sea breeze. 81* by 4pm.
  3. The next 8 days are averaging 31degs.(27/35). Making it 26degs., or -10.0. Month to date is 42.9[+2.8]. Should be 36.8[-1.8] by the 23rd. Snowstorm for Wed 6pm-Thurs. 9am Estimates: All models are about 12"-14" with 20-25mph non gust wind. Enormous snow rates for a few hours produce most of the total. You better use your snow blower at least once over night or you may have problems in the morning. Watch out for a reverse Jan. 1978 forecast fiasco. Then it was 3" snow turning to rain and we got 14". Rain/Snow line kept wrinkling up the Jersey coastline, only to be forced south again. Got to within 15 miles of Sandy Hook. 34*(54%RH) here at 6am. 33* at 7am. 35* at 9am. 37* by Noon. 38* at 1pm. 39* at 2pm. 41* at 2:30pm.
  4. On beach. Similar to yesterday. 76* at 2pm.
  5. On beach in Coney Island. 75*(40%RH) at 3pm, breezy, some cirrus. 77* at 3:30pm. 78* at 4pm. Sub par crowd but, Aquarium was Covid maxed out by Noon.
  6. On beach again. Windy, but no sandstorms. 76*(38%RH) at 2pm. Broken cirrostratus. 78*(36%RH) at 3pm. 80*(34%RH) at 4pm.
  7. Read Remotely: On beach in Ci.. 87* with a Heat Index of 91* àt 2pm. 89* and Heat Index is 95* at 3pm,-still some sandstorms. More clouds. West wind and some sandstorms. Reminds of Oct. 02 last year but not 93*
  8. ON BEACH IN CI., 82*, Heat Index is is 88* TS passing to north, I hope. 2pm. 8K 85*, Hèàr Index now 92^ àt 3pm. 87^ and a 94* HI at 3:30pm.
  9. On beach in CI. My T read remotely is just 76* at 3pm. Best conditions during next 7 days, I bet. Note that all rides have been closed the entire season. Boardwalk concessions have been mostly opened. The NY Aquarium will try a second opening by reservation only on Aug. 27th.
  10. On beach here in CI, My remotely read T is a nice 80* at 3pm, with variable clouds since 2pm. Decent spread out crowd for a weekday.
  11. On beach in CI. My conditions read remotely are >>> 89/76/96 àt 3pm.
  12. On beach in CI since 1pm. 88*(59%RH) here as of 3pm, as read remotely from beach. 89*(56%RH) at 3:30pm. Clouds finally interfering somewhat with sun, just now. Good breeze all the way, so far. Tolerable, but I still have to drag myself home with stuff.
  13. On beach here in CI with 82*(83%RH)HI=89*. Good sea breeze but social distancing breaking down. Gonna probably skip tomorrow due to this et àl.
  14. Read remotely from beach, my T is 84* and sea breeze continues since 1pm.
  15. On beach in CI, and it really is just 82* at 2pm. Sea Breeze strikes again. 86 for a real feel. 85* at 3pm, Real Feel of 91. Got to 87* and Real Feel 99 at 4:15pm. 85* at 5pm.
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