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  1. On beach. Similar to yesterday. 76* at 2pm.
  2. On beach in Coney Island. 75*(40%RH) at 3pm, breezy, some cirrus. 77* at 3:30pm. 78* at 4pm. Sub par crowd but, Aquarium was Covid maxed out by Noon.
  3. On beach again. Windy, but no sandstorms. 76*(38%RH) at 2pm. Broken cirrostratus. 78*(36%RH) at 3pm. 80*(34%RH) at 4pm.
  4. Read Remotely: On beach in Ci.. 87* with a Heat Index of 91* àt 2pm. 89* and Heat Index is 95* at 3pm,-still some sandstorms. More clouds. West wind and some sandstorms. Reminds of Oct. 02 last year but not 93*
  5. ON BEACH IN CI., 82*, Heat Index is is 88* TS passing to north, I hope. 2pm. 8K 85*, Hèàr Index now 92^ àt 3pm. 87^ and a 94* HI at 3:30pm.
  6. On beach in CI. My T read remotely is just 76* at 3pm. Best conditions during next 7 days, I bet. Note that all rides have been closed the entire season. Boardwalk concessions have been mostly opened. The NY Aquarium will try a second opening by reservation only on Aug. 27th.
  7. On beach here in CI, My remotely read T is a nice 80* at 3pm, with variable clouds since 2pm. Decent spread out crowd for a weekday.
  8. On beach in CI. My conditions read remotely are >>> 89/76/96 àt 3pm.
  9. On beach in CI since 1pm. 88*(59%RH) here as of 3pm, as read remotely from beach. 89*(56%RH) at 3:30pm. Clouds finally interfering somewhat with sun, just now. Good breeze all the way, so far. Tolerable, but I still have to drag myself home with stuff.
  10. On beach here in CI with 82*(83%RH)HI=89*. Good sea breeze but social distancing breaking down. Gonna probably skip tomorrow due to this et àl.
  11. Read remotely from beach, my T is 84* and sea breeze continues since 1pm.
  12. On beach in CI, and it really is just 82* at 2pm. Sea Breeze strikes again. 86 for a real feel. 85* at 3pm, Real Feel of 91. Got to 87* and Real Feel 99 at 4:15pm. 85* at 5pm.
  13. On beach here in CI. Just 80* with sea breeze at 2pm. 82* at 3pm. 84* at 4pm.
  14. Anyone care to verify if the CFS mean for the 30-Day Period Jan.18-Feb.17 is a actually predicting the coldest ever such period at 17degs.BN!? That would roughly be tantamount to 30 days starting at 10* and going up to 23*.
  15. I am on beach in CI since 12:30pm. Decent WSW wind but no gusts. Cumulus clouds continue to form, but sun is continuous so far. We must be passing the Convective T by now 2:55pm. Sun finally getting blocked here by some wind tossed cirro-cumulus. Dust Devils are taking over here at 3pm. CIK62.
  16. Thunder and heavy rain here now at 12:25pm, 56* Short duration of 10mins. I am CIK62, do not know why name changed. Moderator please make display name CIK62 I am on new phone, probably is the reason.⁵
  17. Anyone know what to the 'SPC SREF PLUME' experimental website? Getting 404 error now, was OK this AM.


    Can any expert explain the significance of this output. This model seems to pre-process input data differently and comes out with a favorable outcome for the northeast. Thanks.


    Can any expert explain the significance of this output. This model seems to pre-process input data differently and comes out with a favorable output for the northeast.