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  1. Pretty intense lightning here, but we’re only on the northern fringe here in Queens. SI and Brooklyn look like they’re getting slammed.
  2. Crazy how here in Forest Hills we haven’t had a drop of rain while I can clearly see the storm only about a mile north of us. Saw some lowering clouds and what appeared to be some rotation as well.
  3. Strong storm here in central Queens. Downpours, decent wind (30-40mph), frequent lightning. Did not compare at all to the epic microburst we had on Tuesday where there was very little lightning but an absolute deluge with what I'd estimate 65+ mph gusts.
  4. Looks like you’re about to get slammed. Update us and take some pics/vids if you’re able.
  5. I hope someone has some videos of this storm. Although very brief, was the strongest wind I have ever witnessed in person here in Queens (wasn’t here for 2010 Tornado, but witnessed aftermath), almost certain it was a microburst.
  6. I’m thinking it was a microburst. We had same cell come through in Queens.
  7. Wow just got absolutely nailed here in Forest Hills. Came in absolutely ferocious, wind whipping like crazy, stuff started hitting our balcony window, ears started popping wonder if there was any rotation. wind looked stronger than tropical storm, I’d say easily 70 mph.
  8. Near constant lightning here in Queens, this is looking nasty coming in. Forget sleeping.
  9. Cell that popped up on eastern LI looked pretty strong on radar. Looks like some weakening stuff approaching the city.
  10. Got slammed here in central Queens. Tons of lightning, torrential sheets of rain and wind easily had to be 40-50 mph.
  11. There has got to be a force field or something around central queens. Storm was on our doorstep until it suddenly darted west and now it looks to be fizzling out.
  12. I really wish there was some more pictures or videos from this event. There’s just one mediocre quality video of a Brooklyn couple yelling at each other in their car as the storm rages on.
  13. Good downpour here in central Queens, decent gusts. Looked like was about to stop then saw a few HUGE CG strikes now pouring again.
  14. Definitely some weird cloud movements and formations to the west..looking like wall cloud
  15. Getting kinda dark out to west but not looking too impressive on radar.
  16. Heavy soaking rain now. A few rumbles, not much wind.
  17. Just had a flash of lightning and rumble out of nowhere here in central Queens.
  18. Here in Queens no thunder or lightning maybe one rumble. Some brief downpours and a few really strong wind gusts, 40 mph at least.
  19. There is an absolute wall around central Queens this year when it comes to storms. Line slams northern queens, heading almost due south then jolts eastward right before hitting us. [email protected]&)&&)(!!!
  20. Wow just got nailed in central Queens. Didn’t hear any thunder but wind driven torrential rain. Gusts easily in the 40s.
  21. Wind driven torrential downpour, cloud to ground strikes. Wow great storm here in central Queens.
  22. Not sure if these will retain strength into Queens (rarely do) but starting to get some gusts and sky looks very ominous to northwest.
  23. Was thinking of going on a boat trip from noon to 4pm, but reconsidering due to forecast. You think I’ll be able to beat the rain or nah?
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