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  1. I'm far from scientific, but I'm not crazy in saying that this scenario doesn't typically perform well, right? Absolutely nothing going on here. I know for a fact we've been burned plenty of times on this situation and only one time in recent memory can I recall this playing out well.
  2. I don't know why, but models never do well with this set up. Lot of disappointed folks today I guess, and I guess I won't be leaving work early.
  3. Didn't like the setup last system and still don't like this setup. I've got my doubts
  4. Didn't like the setup and not surprised how it is ending up. I'm not exactly ready for snow yet either honestly.
  5. I don't think last year was normal snowfall in GloCo. In fact, I never even shoveled if I recall correctly.
  6. Yeah, I didn't like how it looked yesterday despite it showing the snow. Hate to say it but this new solution on the GFS looks much more likely.
  7. I hardly buy into next week at all at this point. I'm barely able to digest what is going on but it just doesn't seem like a good setup to me. I will stay tuned though.
  8. Told there's hail by my friend in Swedesboro. Sure does look like it but does it ever happen in March? I'd guess sleet.
  9. Went fishing yesterday. Loved it. Ready for warmth and sun. Winter sucks and the only thing interesting is tracking snow but it's mid March, it's time to move on.
  10. Going to bed. Sick for 4th time this year. Just want winter over already. Told everyone the 4-7" was fake news just like last time and low and behold it is. Models consistently were fringe with temps for Philly S&E and my mine is boggled where these weird predictions came from. Any event that is of fringe temps this year doesn't go out way. 7". Just lol no model ever showed 7 inches IMBY. Even the weather channel jumped on this weird train.
  11. Never understood why 4-7 was spouted for here lol. Going to nail it with my 1-3 call
  12. 2.25" in Gloco. I called for 2-3" to F&F, which is good because they were seeing bozo stuff on FB.
  13. Is it me or does this really not seem interesting for Philly S&E? I'm skeptic of anything more than an inch or three.
  14. Here in GloCo I'm expecting wave 2 to be a non event. Not even going to entertain it. 1-3 inches for the first wave.
  15. Well, nothing in range for February. I'm OK with it, and actually am hoping for a warm up so we can do some fishing in March. We've had like no snow though so it has to fall eventually I figure. Watch March be miserable as a result.
  16. Big nothing burger in GloCo. Okay by me, can't work from home this week due to a conference.