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  1. Shout out to reap for repping us so well in tropical. Such a bright and informative dude
  2. Thank you! Just glad to some nice rain for the grass and to protect the neighborhood from the war zone that’s about to kick off this weekend
  3. Oh dang man I’d rather sleep with bees than sweaty balls
  4. Great night to smoke lil reefer on the deck and decompress
  5. That white clover seemed much more visible this year.My lawn went from spring beautiful to clover infested but now feels little less clover after the nitrogen. Hopefully I can avoid these dingleberries
  6. Found a quick window to cut grass earlier (while still little wet) and finished just in time before all hell broke loose. I had to cut it before heading to beach or would came back to a jungle. Perfect timing!
  7. Finally got some rain after putting down some nitrogen earlier this week. Grass going to be on roids soon. Hopefully baseball cancelled tonight
  8. Scrolling down had me little scared of what was next
  9. Perfect day for the pool. Repeat tomorrow
  10. Hitting up topsail on 6/12 for the week. Hoping any leftovers stay away. Been screwed too many times in June over past few years so shifted from obx to topsail to see if have better luck
  11. May not be pool weather but sure is pretty. Rain sucked but least it was needed. Otherwise I would have flipped
  12. Yeh I never even had to wrap mine back in day but def helps speed it along if running low on fuel. Shared recipe site above if you want any ideas on sauces.
  13. Don’t panic at the temp stall. The temp will eventually rise or worse case you wrap in foil and finish in oven. Good luck man don’t over think it Edit: below is site I used when was into smoking few years ago. Great tips and rub/sauce recipes. Check out the Lexington dip sauce if you are a east nc vinegar guy. Also got ketchup based and others if vinegar not your style https://amazingribs.com
  14. Brightened up and sun tried to come out but she lost the battle for now
  15. Instead of steaks or ribs on grill I went with chili for dinner This day is trash so I’m going to get trashed
  16. Alright I got enough rain. Let’s get back to sunshine and 80s please
  17. Had some nice wind for few mins but no boomers. Least the rain is solid to wash away the pollen and tree sap. Not sure why sap so bad this year
  18. 90 sunny and disgusting out. Hope to least get rocked with some storms
  19. Def kick in the nuts with the forecast for the weekend.
  20. That area around rock creek up y’all’s way is amazing. So beautiful and good trees too!
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